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  • The girl flushed charmingly again.
  • The frame will charmingly suit the picture.
  • The staircase was charmingly decorated in monochrome.
  • She was so sweet and gracious and charmingly pretty.
  • It is charmingly treated by Byrd.
  • As Pedersen so charmingly has written.
  • That has a charmingly Bourbon air.
  • The Dart is a charmingly picturesque river.
  • Marie had come to be charmingly useful in the Cloud Cote.
  • The book is charmingly illustrated by Hugh Thomson.
  • The little village was charmingly situated in the primeval forest.
  • And yet as he knew she could yield charmingly to pressure adroitly applied.
  • He sang three little songs very charmingly indeed; but there was no encore.
  • Yet, after all, he is not a doctor so much as a man charmingly drawn.
  • The college is charmingly situated in the old town of Northampton.
  • I think he is the most charmingly sympathetic person I ever met.
  • His move was not successful; Natalie continued looking charmingly blank.

How To Use Charmingly In A Sentence?

  • How charmingly your friendship is in keeping with the equality of your ages and appearance!
  • This, following my last sentence, is charmingly typical of my character, is it not?
  • In a minute she came in, looking charmingly youthful in her new, well-fitting frock.
  • When I asked her how long this was going to last, she was charmingly vague and pensive.
  • Doña Rita returned my distant bow with a slight, charmingly ceremonious inclination of her body.
  • That method, so charmingly described by Cicero as in vogue in his youth, had almost passed away.
  • Wherein the love affairs of Chip and Delia Whitman are charmingly and humorously told.
  • Her beauty lay in her expression which brightened charmingly from minute to minute since her escape.
  • It was charmingly furnished and arranged, with the right amount of negligence and the right amount of taste.
  • She had become so earnest in her admonition, so charmingly emphatic, that he smiled in spite of himself.
  • It had been charmingly situated near the outskirts of the town, and by all accounts must have been a delightful little place.
  • Pushing through a slatted swinging door of beautifully carved bronze, they found themselves in a charmingly furnished reference library.
  • The latter made himself instantly at home, but most charmingly so, and began to help himself from a dish directly.
  • His whole habits of life were charmingly simple; his nature was kind, his disposition most affectionate.
  • Goldsmith, who wrote so charmingly and exhibited such a remarkable versatility with the pen, could make no figure in conversation.
  • It was a face to think and dream of, peerless in its vivid, exquisite coloring and charmingly molded features.
  • I went on and arrived at a fir-plantation: the trees are so thick that it is quite dark there, but charmingly cool.
  • They seem perfumed with the essence of the gods, and are charmingly arranged over his head by the hand of the Graces.
  • But what a future lies before these charmingly brilliant American girls, if they are able to take the fullest possession of it!
  • Even her shoes were Japanese, and she carried a little fan which she agitated charmingly to express her excited emotions.
  • It is a pretty story, charmingly written, with cleverly sketched pictures of various types of character....
  • Prince Hohenlohe came often, settled himself in an armchair with his cup of tea, and talked easily and charmingly about everything.
  • Such interchanges might the stars and skies Make charmingly with the Child's brow and eyes.

Definition of Charmingly

In a charming manner.
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