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  • For charms like these!
  • How for so long can it have charms for you?
  • My naked charms displaying.
  • Hath woman charms so rare?
  • But war and hunting had both lost their charms for him.
  • Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast.
  • Herein lies one of the secret charms of the wilds.
  • Colour alone seems to have greater charms than form alone.
  • Mr. Day was a man whose personal charms were not great.
  • One of his greatest charms is his absolute truthfulness.
  • Yet I had not resolution to quit the scene, which had lost its charms for me.
  • And the thousand charms belonging To the summer's day.
  • The charms that had repelled more frivolous admirers attracted John Vawdrey.
  • Enwrapp'd in magic's veil profound, Let wondrous charms our senses thrill!
  • But ther charms all put together, Connot equal th' skylark's song.
  • It is one of those real charms that never drop through the mind's meshes.
  • What form, whose charms transcend The loveliness of earth, is mirror'd here!

How To Use Charms In A Sentence?

  • The authors who combine those charms are rare, but we can strive to be among them.
  • Nor was she precisely the same as when Brandilancia had looked upon these charms unmoved.
  • O charms more potent than the rapt Chaldee Ever drew down from out the quiet stars!
  • These are the charms that memory must renew, Till I shall gaze again, with reverence due.
  • Her charms doth nature pour, Or beauties lavish as on thee, Thou world in miniature?
  • Was it possible that he had roused her enmity simply because he had made it evident that her charms did not interest him?
  • It is to be regretted that the ignorance and malevolence indicated by these charms cannot as easily be gathered in and disposed of.
  • His sense of humor was keen, and his playfulness of manner constituted not the least of his charms to those who knew him intimately.
  • There are the treasures of form and color, but from ignorant eyes more than half their charms and wonders are held back.
  • Miranda stoutly resisted the charms of the best room, and sat down with the paupers in the great kitchen after supper.
  • Sedley turned on his heel, and joined a groupe of young men, who were loudly expatiating on the charms he affected to despise.
  • A shepherd goes out one morning with his flocks to the woodland glades whose charms the poet describes at length in a rather imitative rhapsody.
  • What heart, that is not chilled by misery, or hardened by guilt, is insensible to the charms of renovated nature!
  • There seem to be pleasures in savage life, which those who have once tasted, seldom wish to exchange for the charms of more polished intercourse.
  • Her physical, moral, and intellectual charms make her the most interesting woman one may wish to meet.
  • The reader should have some idea of the qualifications or charms which the Arabs in general consider requisite to the perfection of female beauty.
  • The Arabs in general constantly have recourse both to charms and medicines, not only for the cure but also for the prevention of diseases.
  • The veils of these fairy forms flutter left and right, revealing faces whose youthful charms no eye of man has ever gazed upon.
  • He was blind to the charms of Harfleur, famous and somnolent, on the banks of a still more somnolent stream.
  • The gods must first resume The charms that first they granted youth, that it might lovelier bloom!
  • Certainly he was not so young as Levi Levison, but his eyes had rested on her charms with an admiration that seemed sincere.
  • The talk hung on the charms of Artemis Lodge, and then slipped to the changes which had come into each of their lives since their last meeting.
  • Rumour said that the charms of the sister of Tahakooch had captivated either one or both of them, and that she had not been insensible to their admiration.

Definition of Charms

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of charm | plural of charm

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