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  • How are city charters obtained?
  • The fundamental charters are on our side.
  • Both companies sought charters and aid.
  • Mr Charters J. Symonds was in the chair.
  • The city charters were abrogated, all privileges were forfeited.
  • If charters have been given which confer undue powers, who gave them?
  • White, Horace, on favoritism in granting bank charters in New York, 327.

How To Use Charters In A Sentence?

  • They urge consideration of revision of union charters to permit negroes to become members.
  • When charters were applied for and refused, the applicants began business on the common-law plan.
  • In Cleveland the charters were taken from local unions that refused to abide by this clause.
  • In the earliest charters the head of the hospital is styled Chaplain, but not Master.
  • Federalists would grant no charters to Republicans, and Republicans none to Federalists.
  • But the vague expressions of the older charters were now exchanged for precise and elaborate provisions.
  • Time after time members were bribed to pass bills granting charters for corporations or other special privileges.
  • This mood was the promoter's happy chance, and still more charters were sought.
  • A study of the preamble to their numerous charters shows that to maintain the poor members of their companies was one of their chief objects.
  • Not only were mass meetings forbidden, but so also were regular business meetings under the charters of the local unions.
  • I have devoted a brief chapter to the origin and development of written constitutions, and the connection of our colonial charters therewith.
  • In those colonies which had charters these documents served, to a certain extent, the purposes of a written constitution.
  • Astor was a stockholder in at least four banks, the charters of which had been obtained or renewed by trickery and fraud, or both.
  • Seconded or instigated by certain traders, he set out to get one of those useful and invaluable bank charters for his backers.
  • Colorado, by a constitutional amendment adopted in 1902, permits the ratification and amendment of charters by a majority vote.
  • The methods of vacating corporate charters in England were definite and in this case were strictly followed.
  • A constitutional amendment adopted in Missouri in 1902 provides for the ratification of charters by majority vote.
  • In Washington the constitution provides for the ratification of charters and charter amendments by a majority of the qualified electors.
  • So in Germany the Bille, Ohm, Orre, and Bordau, appear in charters of the 8th and 9th cent.
  • In the state of Washington, cities of 20,000 may make their own charters without the legislature having any power of veto.
  • The dates affixed to most of the German rivers are taken from this work, and refer to the earliest mention of the name in charters or elsewhere.
  • In several later charters provision was made for state purchase, after a term of years, at cost plus twenty or twenty-five per cent.
  • Such documents are entitled, of themselves, to far less consideration from foreign Powers, than the charters of sovereigns.
  • Engraved charters can be obtained for $1.25 each, as many Chapters and individual members wish them, but there is no obligation to purchase them.
  • It was there that the representatives of the guilds held their meetings, and that the charters of the guilds were kept in great coffers with manifold locks.
  • Many of our corporate towns received their charters from that amiable, but unfortunate prince, Henry the Second.
  • I think that it was Major Charters who asked you, to use his own words, whether your appointment was with a lady.
  • Municipal charters thus have the same origin as the constitution of the state itself, in that they are the outcome of an effort to place a check upon an irresponsible central authority.
  • The granting of special charters is now also prohibited in many states, the constitution requiring that all corporations shall be formed under general laws.
  • What donations and charters were forged, for which those holy persons would lose their ears, if they were in this age to present them in the most common court of judicature?
  • They have not charters or written laws to which they can appeal; but they have the traditionary rights of their fathers, and bold hearts and strong arms to make them good.
  • For many years there was a learned man at work in one of our ancient abbey libraries, cataloguing the manuscripts and monastic charters of the ancient foundation.
  • As frequently as not, in common usage he was known as the governor, but the charters had fixed the title of his office and in so doing had pointed up a primary responsibility of the office.

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plural of charter
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