Chatterbox In A Sentence

Definition of Chatterbox

(informal) One who chats or talks to excess. | A cootie catcher (children's fortune-telling device).

How To Use Chatterbox In A Sentence?

  • It is a chatterbox of argument, not a divine spendthrift of the beauty that is above argument.
  • In a short time she learnt from the incorrigible chatterbox a lot of vague details which very much alarmed her.
  • Some chatterbox has been and told him Mr. Neville should say I have changed horses with him; and on that the gossips put their own construction.
  • That dire threat, I imagine, was just one of the myriad of chatterbox rumors with which the air in England, all through the war, fairly sizzled.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Chatterbox | Chatterbox Sentence

  • You know what a little chatterbox she is.
  • That chatterbox Boyle has told you the truth.
  • His sister Sally was the greatest chatterbox in the world, I am sure.
  • A hooker--what a catechetical little chatterbox ye are!

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