Chattered in a sentence

Definition of Chattered

simple past tense and past participle of chatter

How to use Chattered in a Sentence?

  • Behind their masks they laughed and chattered among themselves and munched pastries.
  • Groups of girls and boys chattered and laughed and tried to guess the identity of each other.
  • In the corridors the people chattered at the top of their voices like a rookery.

Short Example Sentence for Chattered

  • Then the wireless chattered again.
  • She had never chattered to him.
  • Ichi chattered in his native tongue.
  • She studied him stealthily while he chattered on.
  • My teeth fairly chattered from it.
  • You have chattered enough about corruption.
  • She chattered like a bird.
  • So they chattered and called and coaxed.
  • Blake chattered with quivering lips.
  • She laughed and chattered in her old way.
  • He chattered on until a fit of coughing stopped him.
  • The teeth of the mayor chattered with terror.
  • He chattered peremptory words to his followers.
  • And this animal chattered in jungle talk.
  • The rest had chattered on many subjects.
  • The officer chattered volubly and clung to the arm.
  • They chattered softly in a way they had never done before.
  • The solicitors chattered at their table like magpies.
  • More than one saucy red squirrel chattered at me.
  • His teeth chattered and his whole body trembled.
  • The others chattered gently while he read his letters.
  • She chattered away, entirely unabashed.
  • In other words, he chattered in an unknown tongue!
  • My children chattered incessantly, like the sparrows.
  • Lady Berenicia chattered steadily.
  • How Polly had laughed and chattered over her stocking!
  • Madame chattered too and Henrietta made a discovery.
  • Ismail chattered into his beard; but King sat still.
  • While I ate my dinner Baptiste chattered about the Prince.
  • Jake's teeth chattered audibly.
  • Haldane's teeth almost chattered with the cold.
  • And so they chattered on, the only regret being the absence of their father.
  • While he had raved and chattered at me, my head had been clearing.
  • His face and hands were blue and his teeth chattered violently.
  • By this time her hands were shaking and her lips chattered piteously.
  • Then his teeth chattered as if he had felt a blast of icy wind.
  • The half-caste's teeth chattered slightly.

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