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  • We three stood chatting together.
  • They sat up chatting till past midnight.
  • They walked home, chatting and laughing.
  • Two gentlemen sat chatting together one evening.
  • So he and Puss were soon chatting away together.
  • The women were standing And chatting with neighbours.
  • Hugh sat near, chatting with Captain Raymond.
  • Every one was still chatting of the episode of the young virago.
  • Here and there a barber hovers in his doorway, chatting with a neighbour.
  • And there they lay, chatting to each other in the dark, before falling asleep.
  • He and I have been chatting the matter over, and he is in the highest glee.
  • A little later on I shall be chatting with the Prince at the Castle.
  • While I was chatting in the hallway, Mrs. Gerard came along.

How To Use Chatting In A Sentence?

  • Two or three young girls were laughing and chatting merrily as they sat in the shade together.
  • Iola gave her a few words of cordial greeting, and spent a few moments chatting with her.
  • We went on chatting by the fire that night, and presently turned into our wagons.
  • One evening the doctor and Mary sat chatting with a neighbor who had dropped in.
  • One Monday evening the doctor and his wife sat chatting cosily before the fire.
  • The millionaire, chatting in his quiet, weighty way to his two other guests, noted everything.
  • Everybody discovered drinking tea, and chatting on matters totally unconnected with Philanthropy.
  • Verily, my dears, no happier trio ever sat together, chatting like children at an outing.
  • Mrs. Brooks came backing into view, chatting volubly with some one still invisible.
  • For half an hour Dan remained chatting with Dave, then went to his own quarters.
  • Their conversation had been held at one end of the deck while the rest of the party sat chatting together at the other.
  • They were chatting and laughing pleasantly, and yet the sound of their voices made her almost angry.
  • She heard the three men chatting lightly and decided that she would get something to eat after they had finished and gone.
  • The effect was trifling, but it did remove some of her diffidence, and she found herself chatting willingly enough to her cavalier.
  • So she went chatting merrily down the stairway to her carriage, making her observations on whatever she saw with the freshness of a girl.
  • They sat chatting a long time, while all the passengers seemed to have a growing interest in their fellow traveller and his little charge.
  • Even though he sat chatting and laughing with him that morning, he held him in supreme contempt for his constant espionage upon his niece.
  • He greeted her as though nothing was amiss, and began chatting in an offhand manner, as if to prevent any question from her.
  • I was chatting with my old landlady the next morning, and smoking to pass the time, when there was suddenly a commotion in the street.
  • About twenty of them came up all at once and started chatting away to our chaps like old chums, and neither side attempted to shoot.
  • After a light evening meal he sat chatting in a cheerful mood with his companions, and retired early, as was his custom in his declining years.
  • One or two couples are chatting and gossiping therein, but Abbot steps past them to the window and gazes out.
  • Celeste was clinging to the arm of the unwilling, but helpless Quimby, and chatting of the handsome tenor.
  • And now the sermon was over and the girls were chatting in groups outside the Chapel, or strolling along the sidewalk arm in arm.
  • The first thing she saw was Fernand hurrying a late comer toward the tables, laughing and chatting as he went.
  • It was terrible to me to leave that house where less than forty-eight hours before I had been chatting with my husband about our summer....

Definition of Chatting

present participle of chat | Talk; chatter.
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