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  • The best are cheapest in the end.
  • Naturally the southern source is the cheapest tree.
  • The cheapest food sold then were sparrows.
  • This is the cheapest and best kind of soap.
  • The best, is the cheapest in the end.
  • I shall take in my girl residents on the cheapest terms.
  • Patterns, drawings and models best and cheapest of any.
  • The cheapest form of this resistance would be iron wire.
  • Everything, of course, was of the cheapest and simplest.
  • I thought that the cheapest refreshment I ever had.
  • The Choicest and Cheapest of all books for children.
  • The Best and Cheapest Algebra in the Market.
  • Poverty constrained him to make the journey in the cheapest manner possible.
  • But mere money is one of the cheapest things in all the world.
  • In practice it remains the cheapest and safest coagulant known at present.
  • The disappointed owner in future buys the cheapest animals that come to hand.
  • A good potato salad is one of the cheapest and most easily prepared salads.
  • It is cheapest to pay, humiliating as it is, and thus purchase immunity.
  • I took a little room in a distant suburb, the cheapest that I could find.
  • It's aye the cheapest lawyer's fee, To taste the barrel.

How To Use Cheapest In A Sentence?

  • What is the best and cheapest form of apparatus to heat such compounds for examination?
  • Forest protection is the cheapest form of prosperity insurance a timbered state can buy.
  • It means that we are still to go on buying in the cheapest market and selling in the dearest.
  • A high standard of comfort and efficient work is the cheapest way of living in the long run.
  • The cheapest way to get rid of sewage is to discharge it into a running stream or into tide-water.
  • Without doubt the journey across China is the cheapest that can be done in all the world.
  • Then he told us that the break would not have happened if the fixtures had not been of the cheapest make.
  • The plainest and cheapest materials can be prepared for the table in an appetizing and satisfactory form.
  • The cottages are put up in the cheapest possible way consistent with the by-laws of the local authorities.
  • With respect to manufactories, here are a great number driven by competition to work in the cheapest way they can.
  • Lamps are the cheapest form of resistance; but in case they are not available, any other form of resistance can be used.
  • By twos and threes he would send out his sons to their labors, bidding them travel to their destination in the cheapest possible way.
  • Iron fences made for the purpose, with wire netting added at the top, may be the cheapest in the end.
  • We declined, explaining that we wanted the cheapest possible, that is, as long as the cooking was fit to eat.
  • The best of them were valued at from six hundred to twelve hundred dollars; and the cheapest were hardly less than two hundred dollars.
  • Good nature is the cheapest commodity in the world; and love is the only thing that will pay ten per cent, to borrower and lender both.
  • Barley is the cheapest grain in Persia, where it is grown for home consumption only, being the universal food for horses.
  • Some of the new firms operate on small capital and specialize in cheap hats which are directly competitive with the cheapest Italian hats.
  • To the average American, educated or ignorant, wood seems the cheapest material in a world of plenty.
  • It is to the interest of merchants or bankers who deal in foreign bills to buy them where they are the cheapest and to sell them where they are the dearest.

Definition of Cheapest

superlative form of cheap: most cheap
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