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  • She was cheated of her innocent dream.
  • Everyone present would have cheated had it been possible.
  • Everything went, and they cheated me from the start.
  • You may say that in the end life cheated and betrayed her.
  • The ocean had deceived him, laughed at him, cheated him.
  • Oh, but I cheated a witch once.
  • He cheated your friend, the chief Secheli, years ago.
  • But music was not destined to be cheated of so gifted a votary.
  • I do not think that Gigi really cheated me so very badly about the donkey.
  • We do feel cheated when Katherine has visions such as the following ...
  • I'm sorry I cheated on my last spelling test.
  • The yawning leak is filled, the sea Is cheated of its prey.
  • Of course, being a relative, I expect to be cheated a little.
  • Oh! that sly Pal Gregorics, how he had cheated his relations!
  • In being cheated as to cheat," which was then a perfect rhyme.
  • I meant to deal honestly with her, but I won't be cheated out of her love.

How To Use Cheated In A Sentence?

  • He had for all these years cheated the law; now he planned to cheat those who aided him.
  • He who deceived and cheated his brother soon became the victim of deception and fraud.
  • I had cheated death and been called back out of the darkness to sunlight and life, it seemed.
  • In that way he cheated the lonely ache in his heart, and made believe he was happy.
  • A desperate clutch, a quick swing upward and the ravening waters had been cheated of a victim.
  • The smile was still in his eyes as he looked at her and then at the cheated Sister.
  • With the same political cunning and shrewdness the mass is petted, pampered, cheated daily.
  • Goliath, cheated of his plaything, was making futile dabs at the dangling velvet ribbon.
  • She felt cheated and very sad when, at last, the preacher bade the repentant ones stand up again.
  • It may be a prejudice, but I was never cheated out of a good passage but once in my life.
  • On three sides roared the cheated torrent; behind and above, canopy-wise, towered the cliff.
  • Mrs. Johnson, not liking to be cheated out of a sensation which she dearly loved, stood still.
  • The twins, not to be cheated out of the fun, had insisted on sending Thanksgiving gifts, too.
  • It took the spectators some moments to realise that they were cheated of the glut of revenge for which they were there.
  • There was from the first a conspiracy against him, and now he was cheated out of his last chance of getting an education.
  • How perfectly of a piece with the behavior of grown people who have cheated themselves, and found it out.
  • The world is not to be cheated of a grain; not so much as a breath of its air can be drawn surreptitiously.
  • There were the men whom they had cheated at cards, and who had cheated them, with whom they had drunk and quarrelled.
  • The Algerines were not unnaturally incensed at finding themselves cheated by means of their own passes.
  • Field, then, not only personally cheated the public treasury out of millions, but also the corporations which he controlled did likewise.
  • At the water hole where the crane had been feeding the yellow eyes of a wildcat, cheated of its prey, shone for a flash and withdrew.
  • Bringing his fortunes to the States he is cheated out of it by a crowd of money kings, and recovers it only at the muzzle of his gun.
  • A few late bees were buzzing about the open window, cheated perhaps by the feathery seeds of the clematis, which had long ceased flowering.
  • When that kind of person discovers he's being cheated of wealth he's risked his life for, that kind of planet is ripe for revolution.

Definition of Cheated

Having been deceived. | simple past tense and past participle of cheat
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