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  • Enclosed is a check for a thousand dollars.
  • That there check for ten thousand was the jackpot.
  • Strawn got your check for five thousand dollars.
  • I then handed them the check for $397.
  • Check for L100.
  • Here's a check for a month's salary in advance.
  • The marriage for a moment was in check for five per cent.!
  • He sent me a check for ten dollars more than I asked for!
  • This was a check for Captain Fennel.
  • Here is a check for L10,000 for you and Rose.
  • He just wrote a check for $90, I had already paid $300.
  • Then she wrote him a check for all the money she had in the world.
  • I'll cash your check for you on your looks.
  • I always check for it because it's been my specialty.
  • This held them in check for an instant and roused him to action.
  • Well, here's my check for it.
  • Aldous handed him a check for sixteen hundred and eighty dollars.
  • I am to cash your check for four thousand dollars in old bills.
  • He gave his check for the amount necessary and went back to the stable.
  • The answer was, a check for two hundred dollars for home missions.
  • I sent my check for ten thousand; and it has cost me six thousand to find you.
  • And, boys, he enclosed a check for a hundred dollars in the letter.
  • And, as indubitable proof, he enclosed a check for five dollars.
  • I was mighty proud of the bunch, and brought back a check for $3407.
  • Sit down there and draw a check for the amount, and I will sign it.
  • The Memphis shipper gets his check for $4,840, and is out of the transaction.
  • A. S. J. Grenvil had admitted forging a check for two hundred pounds.
  • Write your check for a hundred--and take the bay.

How To Use Check For In A Sentence?

  • But the shot-gun in that steady young hand held them in check for a breathing-space.
  • Here is a check for her, which will secure her comfort, so far as money is concerned.
  • Cutty wrote out his check for a thousand and departed, the chuckle still going on inside of him.
  • He came aboard last night with a check for twenty thousand pounds and two rupees in his pocket.
  • You give a check for the full amount, but the man has to put up a cash bonus when he gets it.
  • Scattergood deposited a check for his 51 per cent, or one hundred and two thousand dollars.
  • He is hard at work, and last week he sent father a check for one hundred dollars.
  • Inclosed find my check for $27,000, to be used in the matter we discussed the other day.
  • And ever since, in December, I have had a check for one hundred in the same way.
  • Get out your little check-book, Helen, and give Murray a check for the first premium.
  • As I left, our boisterous friend handed me a check for L5, and wished me great success.
  • Old Plodder gave me a check for four hundred dollars, payable at the First National in Chicago.
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