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  • Check with your public health authorities.
  • He also exhibited the check with which he had paid for it.
  • I simply wanted to check with you, boy.
  • For three weeks he had been holding desire in check with a strong hand.
  • Why don't you check with Connel?
  • Listen, I'll check with Internal Revenue on that money.
  • While he was getting ready, Zircon made a last check with Tony and Chahda.
  • Check with them."
  • Check with them."
  • Perhaps you'd like to check with him."
  • I'll check with you later."

How To Use Check With In A Sentence?

  • You're in check with only one move possible, and I'm here to make you realize it.
  • Gregory took the check with shaking fingers, at a loss for words to express fittingly his appreciation of the favor.
  • So William held himself in check with a firm hand and made no sign, but what the effort cost him no one knew.
  • In an envelope in addition was Fred's check with the collector's compliments and the request that we kindly call and pay for the licenses.
  • So many times she and her mother had just reached the insurance check, with grumbling bill collectors in the hall, that she was determined never to be poor.
  • But for these slow, irritating days he held himself in check with difficulty, hoping that things might come to him, that he would not have to go forth to them.
  • Jink came a-loping back from the bank, and when he came into the room and tore up the check with appropriate remarks his gang all lined up together, and we figured it that the shooting was going to begin right then.
  • Alf tremblingly followed the poor Clara, whose eyes were streaming with countless tears, and who on the way vainly sought to check with her handkerchief the flow of blood from the gushing wounds.
  • Her impatience to learn the truth received its first check with the indifferent assurance of the clerk that Mr. Anderson, the man in charge of the department of accounts, was busy upstairs.
  • A quick check with the handheld revealed the worst: my Whuffie was low enough that someone had just gotten inside and driven away, realizing that they could make more popular use of it than I could.
  • I then regretted, for the first time in my life, that I had not loved money; I would have given a good deal for the luxury of drawing a big check with these brave young fellows.
  • I wrote as cheerfully as I could under the circumstances and sent my daughter a check with which to purchase the silk dress pattern, and the following verses I composed as well as I could with my defective sight.
  • He met me at the theatre the other evening, and demanded my check with the air of a young foot-pad.
  • They could adjust their course with the jets, check with instruments, and re-adjust--again and again.
  • Wetherbee compared the signature on the check with genuine signatures in the bank, and returned it to Short without any intimation that he regarded it as irregular, but assigning as the reason the defect in the indorsement.
  • At the same moment the crowd surged back upon him, and when he finally cleared himself from it he saw the man backing down the platform, holding his would-be pursuers in check with a levelled pistol, and just disappearing from the circle of electric light.
  • So long as there was a strong force at Fort McCulloch and at the frontier posts of longer establishment, particularly at Fort Cobb, the Reserve Indians could be held in check with comparative ease.
  • Next day my check came duly to hand,--a very formidable check, with two pen-marks drawn across its face.
  • A petticoat of coarse linseywoolsey, or blue check, with a short jacket of similar materials, constituted the chief part of their covering; and even this was put on so carelessly, that frequently the upper part of their persons was left quite bare.
  • Lastly, he who cannot govern his desires, and keep them in check with the fear of the laws, though his weakness may be excusable, yet he cannot enjoy with contentment, the knowledge and love of God, but necessarily perishes.
  • The father of the family endured some further particulars with manifest impatience, no longer able, now that Sir Richmond was encouraging the girl, to keep her in check with the slightly derisive smile proper to her sex.
  • After them trotted the fierce bulls, the wild beasts destined for death, marching well flanked by tame bulls, who prevented their getting out of the road, and by strong cowboys who ran, sling in hand, ready to check with an unerring stone the pair of horns that separated from the group.
  • Neither man ever mentioned it--their tongues were clenched between their teeth and they held themselves in check with harsh hands--but it was constantly in their minds, nevertheless.
  • He wore a clean straw hat, new clothes of the latest cut, a waistcoat of check with ornamental buttons, patent leather boots with a lacquer which flung back the rays of the June sun, and heavy owlish eyeglasses of tortoise-shell fastened with a broad black ribbon.
  • The editor of the French paper, of which I have been the London correspondent for a few months, sends me a check, with the sad intelligence that one of the first acts of the new Government has been to suppress our paper.
  • Never had he felt such pride of victory; his thoughts reverted to his first meeting with the beautiful Countess Lodrin at the beginning of his career, when with his keen scent for all that was lowest in human beings, he had divined her passionate nature, a nature held in check with despotic resolution after the great disappointment of her early life.
  • The emperor's countenance is calm, his large eyes full of a mysterious brilliancy, his hair fluttering in the wind, the whole expression thoughtful and earnest; the rider heedless of the rearing steed, which he holds firmly in check with the reins.
  • These three checks Patrick kept as models, forwarding to Cohn two forged checks filled out by Jones upon which Rice's signature had been traced, and returning to Jones a substitute check with Rice's signature traced upon it.
  • My tie was a made-up four-in-hand of crimson satin--not too new, my suit of very serviceable check with large side-pockets, purchased second-hand, together with other oddments, from a shop in Covent Garden.
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