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  • Silver with gold, cheerful the world and bright!
  • He got up with alacrity, cheerful immediately.
  • Indeed it is the only one that does not wear a cheerful and pleasant aspect.
  • She was in no mood just then for the cheerful vulgarities of her step-mother.
  • Bruce received them with something like contrition in his cheerful face.
  • We had, after all, a tolerably cheerful evening in the kitchen.
  • It would give her one more cheerful evening, the last, perhaps, in her life.
  • We shall miss your cheerful view of life, my dear Kellinghausen.
  • With cheerful and contented mind, Where heaven hath cast my lot.
  • A cheerful fire was sparkling in the chimney of the ladies' cabinet.
  • His temper passed off arter a time, and 'e began to look cheerful agin.
  • But Mr. Morton's cheerful prophecy was not destined to be verified.

How To Use Cheerful In A Sentence?

  • I watched her with the greatest anxiety composing her face into a cheerful expression.
  • But no matter how deep the gash, she was as cheerful as if it were an accomplishment.
  • Even the dead on their last journey look almost cheerful under the sunny skies.
  • Nor did the cheerful air of the prince as he entered his presence tend to help matters.
  • Mitchell, pacing the floor, paused in his dictation to give him a cheerful greeting.
  • They understood our meaning, and started on the trail, with a loud and cheerful cry.
  • To cheerful sins the human heart they lure, While ours are reckoned gloomy and obscure.
  • Time had been powerless against that fortress of prejudice; against that cheerful and inaccessible prison of the tribal instinct.
  • It contains perhaps six hundred acres, and the scenery around it is exceedingly cheerful and pleasant.
  • A bright fire saluted us here with its cheerful rays; how delightful to be once more sheltered by thick walls!
  • And the head disappeared; and shortly afterwards there came from across the passage muffled but cheerful sounds of splashing.
  • The prospect of pressure put on him, with all the added accumulation of the months of interest, was not a cheerful one.
  • Every one passed the day according to his pleasure or occupation; and we all assembled in a cheerful dinner party at sunset.
  • I have always come out of them with renewed health and strength, a perfect digestion, and a buoyant and cheerful spirit.
  • At intervals the full strength of the band, cheerful and vulgar, was carried by a gust of wind to their ears.
  • The enormous lamps hung white and opaque; the huge mirrors reflected the cheerful light of the afternoon sun.
  • The secret of calm cheerfulness is kindliness; no person can be consistently cheerful and calm who does not consistently think kind thoughts.
  • The maid, save for an occasional heavy hour in the late evenings, had settled into a cheerful frame of mind.
  • There was something appalling in the utter abandonment of this woman whom Joan had never before seen otherwise than cheerful and poised.
  • This suggestion was made in a cheerful tone, just as we shook hands at the lower end of the Cannebière.
  • After a light evening meal he sat chatting in a cheerful mood with his companions, and retired early, as was his custom in his declining years.
  • Stella slipped a pan of biscuits in the oven; she laid the table briskly, with a merry clatter of tinware; her face was cheerful and unclouded.
  • I was in fine spirits; for to tell the truth, I had exhilarated myself by a cheerful glass of wine on the occasion.
  • It was a relief to meet Bedford at this point, to hear her cheerful good-night, and to see her turn into a room only two doors from ours.
  • But Russell, with cheerful optimism, contended that while the project might temporarily be a losing venture, it would pay out in time.
  • The cheerful hospitalities of Mount Auburn were offered to him, as to all distinguished strangers, but nothing more melancholy.
  • Kibei greeted the guests with heartiness, and accepted their condolence and gifts with lavish thanks and the cheerful face of him that profiteth by the funeral.
  • He was so cheerful and happy that McGuffey, taking advantage of the situation, argued him into some minor repairs to the engine.

Definition of Cheerful

Noticeably happy and optimistic. | Bright and pleasant.
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