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  • The cheering did not reach her ears.
  • Their cheering words our spirits thrill.
  • A rainbow in the midst of a storm is a cheering sight.
  • The cheering ceased, the bonfires burned out.
  • All day long cheering crowds come out to see us.
  • This news was not very cheering to Lawrence.
  • The cheering was deafening, but Alan did not notice it.
  • The English advanced in regular lines, cheering loudly.
  • Who wants cheering up a bit before he settles down to his horrid work?
  • In every trumpet's cheering notes!
  • Betty tried to cheer him; but, poor girl, she needed cheering herself.
  • His companion, who was cheering him on, was Ferdy Wickersham.
  • I've heard some cheering at the front, but this was different.
  • She forgets to help the pudding," Cassandra added by way of cheering him.

How To Use Cheering In A Sentence?

  • The sophomores were cheering wildly, and the unfortunate freshmen were downcast.
  • The cheering began when the pair reached the stands, and was renewed again and again.
  • Another has been to see his sick friend, and sends cheering accounts of his state.
  • It was followed by shouts of dissonant laughter, unlike the cheering sounds of human mirth.
  • They could hear the cheering as the other races took place, and at last it came their turn.
  • I had hoped that the gay scenes which then Presented themselves might have some cheering effect.
  • In every camp the cheering men were making bonfires of the furnishings of their Winter camps.
  • The noise of the cheering multitude grows faint as the Kansas shore draws near.
  • There was considerable cheering as Lord Hastings and his officers stepped ashore.
  • It is cheering to find a growing feeling of respect for the French in German war literature.
  • Oh, would that thou Couldst with like ease, divine one, shed on us One ray of cheering hope!
  • As the disgusted and furious sophs stood and listened the singing and cheering grew fainter and fainter.
  • Then he went out and spent the rest of the short day in chopping wood, which was very cheering to his wife.
  • The eminent man reassured him with a few cheering words, and then proceeded to make a more careful diagnosis of the case.
  • A crowd had gathered on the beach, and there was some encouraging cheering as the power boat gained good headway.
  • With a firm step and easy bearing he took his place, apparently without a thought of the people who were cheering him.
  • It was already surrounded by a cheering and tumultuous assembly, and one of the men in the cart was shaking hands right and left.
  • Then mighty is the cheering of the victors, and woe-begone the looks, though defiant the groans of the vanquished.
  • On the point there was a great mob, composed mostly of students, who were yelling and cheering and flaunting their flags.
  • At twelve the Castle gates were to be thrown open for the brilliant cavalcade that was to pass between these cheering rows of people.
  • I had not to wait long before I caught the distant cheering and hand-clapping of the drivers as they encouraged the dogs to hunt.
  • At every station we encountered trainloads of men in gray, singing, cheering and laughing as if bound for a picnic instead of slaughter.
  • The fire, above and behind, burned out clear and far; and beyond, the stars lent him their cheering guidance.
  • It was war, then, and a general burst of cheering broke from the officers who were clustered round the General.
  • The timber struck the gate, bursting it open instantly, and the triumphant freshmen swarmed into the park, cheering wildly.
  • There was much cheering as the horse came in; the brown and blue was popular; the Chesney colors were always out to win.

Definition of Cheering

present participle of cheer | A cheer.
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