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(colloquial) Reminiscent of chemicals. | Using a chemical reaction, process, or operation. | According to the principles of chemistry.

How To Use Chemically In A Sentence?

  • Sal ammoniac is chemically known as chloride of ammonium and is a combination of chlorine and ammonia.
  • They had evidently been subjected to a heat process, but had not been chemically refined in any way.
  • The science of no man can be characteristic, no man can geometrize or chemically analyze after a manner peculiar to himself.
  • If the water exists chemically combined, a much stronger heat must be applied in order to separate it.
  • Seemingly such a molecule, whatever its physical properties, must be chemically inert, incapable of any atomic readjustments.
  • I drew forth some of my London specimens which had been chemically treated to prevent their shrivelling, and compared it narrowly.
  • Care must be taken to use such pigments as are not affected by a high heat and do not react chemically with the constituents of the baked ware or the glaze.
  • Since the ions are usually more active chemically than the molecules, most of the chemical properties of an electrolyte are due to the ions rather than to the molecules.
  • It has a soil and an atmosphere of its own, chemically and physically different from any other, with plants and shrubs as well as trees which are peculiar to it.
  • All these and other complications of structure may arise by direct growth and transubstantiation of the single cell into the various physically and chemically different parts.
  • These six rare elements have very similar physical properties and resemble each other chemically not only in the type of compounds which they form but also in the great variety of them.
  • But there are other gases which must have vent at the upper part of the room, while fresh air should be admitted to supply the place of that which is chemically changed.
  • Moles and many other discolorations may be removed from the face by a preparation composed of one part chemically pure carbolic acid and two parts pure glycerine.
  • They include mineral acids, organic acids, compounds known chemically under the general term of "salts," alcohols, sugars, etc.
  • When two gases combine chemically there is always a simple ratio between their volumes, and between the volume of either one of them and that of the product, provided it is a gas.
  • To isolate a radioactive substance, the first thing is to measure the activity of a certain compound suspected of containing this substance, and this compound is chemically separated.
  • The soil plowed at this time and left rough is acted upon physically by frost which pulverizes it, and chemically by rain and air which renders plant food available.
  • Observing this, and experimenting with other substances known to give off carbonic acid in the same manner, he was evidently impressed with the now well-known fact that diamond and charcoal are chemically the same.
  • To these is added water, which combining chemically with the cement conglomerates the whole mixture into a solid mass, and forms a rough but strong artificial stone.
  • Pure alumina is a white crystalline powder, or yellowish-white, and amorphous when produced by drying the hydrate, separated chemically from its salts.
  • Most of these combine chemically with lime, while ammonia does not; if then lime is added to the gas liquor and the liquor is heated, the ammonia is driven out from the mixture.
  • It is now established that nitrogen is as essential a constituent of vegetable as of animal living matter; and that the latter is, chemically speaking, just as complicated as the former.
  • At ordinary temperatures chlorine is far more active chemically than any of the elements we have so far considered, with the exception of fluorine; indeed, it is one of the most active of all elements.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Chemically | Chemically Sentence

  • Give an example of a chemically formed rock.
  • The flesh of animals is not chemically different from our own.
  • These gases exist in the air as free gases and not chemically combined.
  • It must be as pure as we can get it, both chemically and in color.
  • Sulphur almost chemically pure, of a very bright and yellow color.
  • Omar Khayyam chemically reincarnated in the Rockefeller Institute.

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