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  • Little cherubic things!
  • To the very last the cherubic Mayor, his hat raised, regarded us smilingly.

How To Use Cherubic In A Sentence?

  • M. le Maire was a tall man, with a cherubic face made broader by wing-like little whiskers.
  • From thence we have to look down from every point of our warm hearts with a sight as multifold as the cherubic eyes.
  • He described with his arms a circle scarcely larger than the arc of his cherubic contour, to show how wonderful she was.
  • The eyes and features lighted up till the gaunt signs of want were forgotten and the face looked like that of some cherubic boy.
  • On his cherubic face usually sits a half-quizzical, pleased smile, that fades into a look plaintive and very gentle.
  • These two cherubic infants had both big brown eyes, fat red cheeks, and adorable, fluffy golden curls.
  • He, too, hopped on one foot, and crooked the other leg, his face contorted for a moment out of its wonted cherubic calm.
  • Father Murchison pursed up his rather full, cherubic lips, and little wrinkles appeared about the corners of his blue eyes.
  • From his post upon the landing-stage the cherubic Mayor beamed to us across his nobly tri-coloured stomach a series of parting smiles.
  • My brother might have been a girl, too, with his cherubic contours of face, rich red color, glossy black hair, and fine eyebrows.
  • It was an exceedingly stout young man with a round, cherubic countenance standing by the mantel who replied to her, and the old lady glanced at him sharply.
  • The girl herself was true Andaluza, too, though of a very different type from the cherubic person who (Dick hoped) was her father.
  • He it was who came to the door, and it was a sight worth seeing to watch his somewhat hard, middle-aged features relax in response to cherubic murmurings.

Definition of Cherubic

of, or relating to a cherub; angelic | of, or like a baby; infantile
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