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  • How safe the little chick feels now!
  • Each chick copied her motion exactly.
  • I have no wife or parent, no chick or child to keep me.
  • Professor Chick made that quite clear.
  • The embryos of the chick (fig. 8) and of man (fig.
  • It was the partridge chick that had squatted upon it that moved.
  • It's lonely at times without chick or child.
  • Diagram of chick showing relations of amnion, allantois and yolk.
  • He hasn't even left a chick or child to leave his debt to.
  • The chick gets out of its shell presently, but even that takes time.
  • Look at that great house, across alley, with not a chick nor child in it.
  • The poor chick might be badly hurt, but it could still squawk and struggle.
  • The chick finally grows tiny wings, a beak, even little feathers.
  • As I said, the time was near when the chick would strike out for himself.
  • Here I am, your only brother, without a chick or a child of my own.
  • I've neither chick nor child, so it's yours,' he said with his cheery smile.

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  • Neither wife nor chick of his should ever lack for anything, he had told me proudly.
  • A chick has been ailing all day, and when we shut up the brood we found him dead in a corner.
  • Yet under her maternal wings can lie The smallest chick among her countless brood!
  • Almost in the very same manner, from the White of an Egge is generated a Chick by natural heat.
  • Aristotle traced with some care the embryological development of the chick from the fourth day of incubation.
  • A little chick just out of the shell will after a few trials peck at and grasp grains of food with its beak as well as at any later time.
  • Her chick had developed tendencies unknown among the breed, taken to the water and swum away with a swan.
  • At the pace he was riding it plucked him from the saddle as a hawk lifts a chick from the brood, flinging him backward to the earth.
  • And in time the chick bred out, and those who had found it chained it by the leg to a log, lest it should stray and be lost.
  • It is on a par with the squeaking of the pig just born, the bleating of the new-born lamb, and the peeping of the chick that is breaking its shell.
  • The chick will have its full plumage in ten weeks, but mentally it is far below a dog or a monkey, whose period of immaturity is much longer.
  • At three he would eat a fledgling chick with Madeira sugar and empty two glasses of malvoisie at seventeen florins the keg.
  • But the puzzle connected with the man named Blake continued to peck at his mind like an insistent chick trying to get out of its shell.
  • Well, the money will do her no good; and if any thing happens to me, I have neither chick nor child to inherit it.
  • The playful name suggests the celebrated dish, Poulette de Madame Poulet, Chick of Mrs. Chicken.
  • But one day that chick cannot develop further without breaking the shell and freeing itself of what was once its factor of defense but now threatens its very life.
  • What is that which bites in the child as in the very young chick that seizes its own toe with its bill and bites it as if it were the toe of its neighbor or a grain of millet?
  • For example, chick weed, dock, thistle, weeds peculiar to grain and grain crops tend to increase if the land is long occupied by these crops.
  • Living things exist in the germ, the oak in the acorn, the chick in the egg, but from the world of dead matter there is no resurrection or evolution.
  • The design was a terrestrial globe with the head and shoulders of a naked man breaking out like a chick out of an egg-shell; his nakedness betokened extreme poverty.
  • Incidents like this, which are of frequent occurrence, serve to keep alive the exceedingly ancient notion that the sex of the future chick can be foretold from the shape of the egg.
  • For several hours of that day there was a steady coming and going of birds between the cliffs and the coops, every daw going back with a chick in his beak for his hungry young in the nest.

Definition of Chick

(obsolete) To sprout, as seed does in the ground; to vegetate. | (India, Pakistan) A screen or blind made of finely slit bamboo and twine, hung in doorways or windows.
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