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  • There will be chickens and cows and hogs.
  • My chickens have outgrown my knowledge.
  • May their chickens also grow large.
  • The first food for chickens should be coarse dry meal.
  • Surprisin' how them chickens is fond of dancin'.
  • We need only a pump, and a pig and chickens in the street.
  • Some men had sold four chickens for the high price of 2s.
  • Carabaos, hogs, dogs, and chickens were killed and eaten.
  • Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.
  • Cause our chickens also to live to be for keeping us alive.
  • Set a cat to raisin' your orphan chickens on the bottle!
  • She knew nothing of the breasts of chickens and never would know anything.
  • Four men on guard, a dozen chickens perched not a dozen feet away.
  • She ran to the door, and there was a great lynx, chasing the chickens around.
  • The meat we eat comes from sheep, cows, chickens and other animals.
  • The Frightened Hen is defending her chickens against the attack of a pea-hen.
  • And, on her wicker-work high mounted, Her chickens prematurely counted.
  • Don't count your chickens before they're hatched!" warned the captain.

How To Use Chickens In A Sentence?

  • Beneath it are stored the small cages or coops in which the chickens sleep at night.
  • We had no feed and no money to buy feed, so we had to kill our chickens to save their lives.
  • The food was good: chickens and ham and fried potatoes, with a glass of sound ale.
  • Ulrica always boiled her chickens with a few cranberries, as they cook it in Sweden.
  • To swallow gudgeons ere they're catched, And count their chickens ere they're hatched.
  • He no doubt paid for those chickens rather than have one of his boys suffer for his foraging escapade.
  • Later he offered to take her chickens and eggs to market on condition that she bought her butter and milk from him.
  • The fines are expended in buying chickens and pigs for the pa'-tay ceremonies of the pueblo.
  • The hen can call her chickens when she has food for them, or when any danger threatens, and they come to her.
  • Outside there was a little yard with chickens and ducks, and a little garden full of vegetables and fruit.
  • But the coyotes stole the chickens and kept the hens in such a state of excitement that they could not be got to sit effectively.
  • The chickens were buried in the ground all but their heads, and the people were shooting at ten paces when these men passed.
  • The chickens crouched beneath the shade of a tree; evidently the day was too warm for them to care to seek for food.
  • I picked the little nutlets off the ground and inspected them carefully, then threw them into the chickens to see if they would eat them.
  • In addition to these they have the test called manman, decided by looking at the gall of two chickens furnished by the respective contestants.
  • The lynx was right behind them, but it stopped as the chickens crowded around her, and she seized the broom and struck at it.
  • The parents kill a wild carabao, as well as chickens and pigs, and the entire pueblo comes to feast and dance.
  • Fowl catching is an art she never learned to follow, although two or three of her boys annually catch half a dozen chickens each.
  • The sharp-shinned hawk rarely attacks full-grown poultry, but preys heavily on young chickens and song birds.
  • These were always miserably poor, but generally had a half-dozen chickens running about, and a small store of cornmeal and sidemeat.
  • Some sweet potatoes may be dug and a few chickens killed, but nothing will be taken that we do not actually need, and nothing will be destroyed.

Definition of Chickens

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of chicken | plural of chicken
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