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  • Their chief anxiety was lest they should ask too little.
  • I returned home to act as chief mourner at his funeral.
  • After this event the chief returned to Oquaga.
  • A parson of the Church of England is his chief assistant.
  • The heart of the War Chief throbbed with savage delight.
  • Bauer, chief secretary to the Austrian Embassy in London.
  • The chief thing seems to me to be to work a way out of the muddle.
  • This was a sabre-duel between the chief of police and the city attorney.
  • With head erect, the strong-knit figure of the chief stands at repose.
  • To which is added a Description of the Chief Continental Systems.

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  • And will not their chief gratitude stray beyond the creditor to their benevolent substitute?
  • Besides, the conduct of the chief towards me made me feel certain of speedy deliverance.
  • The chief was slow and taciturn in answering, but at last burst forth in no uncertain language.
  • I had really fancied myself the chief character in this interview with Mrs. Moss.
  • The chief cause of anxiety to honest Wolfert, however, was the growing prosperity of the city.
  • Backed by his faithful warriors, the War Chief could speak in tones of authority to his foe.
  • Pontiac, great chief of the Ottawas, had raised the standard of revolt against English rule.
  • In February, 1911, appointed chief aviation instructor to the Spanish Army.
  • His chief opponents are, first, Eristics or Megarians; secondly, the Materialists.
  • The consideration of most of them may be deferred; but we had better now discuss the chief captain and leader of them.
  • The chief gathered the women and children into one house and set the torch to all the other buildings in the settlement.
  • All went on well with us until a new chief of the sbirri was sent to our village to take command of the police.
  • England, they said, was taxing them unjustly and posting soldiers in their chief cities to carry out her will.
  • Even this wary, distrustful chief of banditti forgot for a moment his usual foresight and precaution in the common wish to be admired.
  • The worthy gentleman did not know whether he stood on his head or his heels, and yet he is one of the chief men in the land!
  • Herein my chief glory lies; and whatever enlightenment my destiny has boasted, streams from that radiant point.
  • One of the chief characteristics of the walrus is the presence of two elongated tusks (the canine teeth) in the upper jaw.
  • Thither from all sides the people collected, thinking that at any moment the chief of the Mohawks might pounce upon them.
  • The Mohawk chief replied in a kindly fashion, referring to the pleasant hours he had spent at the school.
  • It was the name of a noted bushranger, whose last crime had been a daring robbery of the chief bank of Adelaide.
  • Major Lessard, who happens to be the big chief in this neck of the woods, seems to have developed a sudden grouch against him.
  • As the scheme was unfolded, the war-scarred chief of the Mohawks saw that he was meant to serve under this youth of small experience.
  • He took a peculiar liking to the bronzed chief of the Six Nations and persuaded him to sit for his portrait.
  • In the Science Series some simple experiments have been devised, leading up to the chief truths of each science.
  • The name of the great War Chief had a charm about it that drew to his command warriors from every part of the forest.
  • The Oneidas had the right to their opinion, but their conduct must have stung the heart of the chief of the Mohawks.
  • The chief ingredients of Redpath's make-up were honesty, sincerity, kindliness, and pluck.
  • Goodman went off to San Francisco for a week's holiday, and left me to be chief editor.
  • Certainly her chief attentions were lavished on the most distinguished among our friends, who were the very people most apt to put her devotion to the test.

Definition of Chief

Primary; principal. | (Scotland, obsolete) Intimate. | (US, slang) To smoke cannabis.
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