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  • Rosamund was to her at once a child and a servant.
  • Take the child and come.
  • She embraced the child and me with tears.
  • As a child and a boy he had been their idol.
  • She was to take the child and come.
  • Wolf child and human child.
  • She was a dear child and lame.
  • I have done my best for my child and for you.
  • They have tended the child and wrought for the youth.
  • I looked to the future of my child and my family!
  • She is an affectionate child and a great favorite with me.
  • And the woman took the child and nursed it.
  • Where is my child, and where is my honour?
  • He healed the child and delivered him again to his father.
  • Rapidly she loosed the child and lowered it to the ground.
  • Who cursed the child and left it bitterness.
  • A sage discovered the child and adopted her.
  • In the pure loves of child and mother!
  • My pretty child; and how will you set about it?
  • I was then a child, and was sitting on her lap.
  • He went up to the child and touched its pale forehead.
  • Woman rears the child and educates the youth to maturity.
  • Beaudry caught up the child and made a dash for the stable.
  • She fell upon the child and confined it to the ground.
  • Ligi awakes and finds child and his headband beside him.
  • Anthony had called her a child, and he had not needed her.
  • The man took the child and carried it along with him.
  • The marshmallow man looked at the child and giggled.
  • The joy of a child and a wife and a home faded.
  • He stooped over the child and wrapped the blankets closer.
  • He adored the child and could refuse her nothing.
  • The victim was his own child, and its mother was his wife.
  • The house is his child, and he knows what is good for it.
  • O to be a child, and put her head down under the table!
  • Give me your child, and let me take care of it.

How To Use Child And In A Sentence?

  • She had seemed as happy as a child, and he had liked that.
  • True, child is child and play is play.
  • He knew his own temper in his child, and was satisfied.
  • He had been fond of the child, and he liked the girl.
  • But child is child, and play is play.
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