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  • In English, in cooking, and child care, some agencies have attempted instruction.
  • There is a department devoted to diet, food values, and recipes, and one devoted to hygiene, with special emphasis on child care.
  • Through contacts established in the course of this study, the leaders in this group have been led to inquire concerning American methods of child care.
  • But as you, my child, care most about this country in which you live, I will show you in any gravel-pit, or hollow lane upon the moor, the marks, not of a glacier, which is an ice- river, but of a whole sea of ice.
  • This will enable the mothers to make various sorts of cooperative arrangements for child care, which serve the threefold purpose of giving the children desirable social experience, providing the mother with more freedom, and keeping costs down.
  • Remembering always that where industry takes women from the care of young children, society and the nation pay dearly; for, inadequate and ignorant as mothers often are regarding child care, their substitutes to-day are apt to be even less efficient.
  • They could persuade those who have not yet learned English to come into English classes; they could organize groups for instruction in cooking, child care, house and neighborhood sanitation; and gradually accumulate both additional knowledge as to the need and experience in meeting it.
  • This raises, first, the question of the responsibility of the case-work agency for the adjustment of the family life to such standards in household management and in child care as might be formulated on the basis of expert knowledge of community needs; secondly, the question as to ways in which such adjustment may be accomplished if the agency feels under an obligation to undertake it.
  • The subject of child care seemed the most obviously pertinent and interesting, and a section of the United States Children's Bureau Study on the Pre-School Child was submitted for their consideration with the question as to its adaptation to the needs of the various groups.
  • Georgia, 936 humor, 1200 in child care, 1750 in education, 555, 585, 589, 595- 596, 599, 608,
  • Child Care of child in parents' dwelling All male babes are called "kil-lang'" and all girl babes "gna-an'."
  • Provision for assembling material in food, household management, including expenditures, and child care, particularly, and adapting this material to the needs of the members of the different foreign-born groups, by supplying salaries for two persons experienced in teaching, who would devote themselves to the preparation of classroom material, leaflets, charts, etc.--$2,400 $4,800 2.
  • Fraternal, 93-95 Industrial, 95-96 Irish: Life insurance, 94 Italians: Building and loan association, 77 Case work with, 298-299, 305-307 Child care, 163, 177-178 Family problems, 50 Home economics work in Arkansas, 258-259 Housekeeping problems, 57-58, 65, 80
  • Children, 149-186 Housing, 23-32, 58-84 Saving, 85-116 Spending, 117-148 Hungarians: Child care, 165 Home ownership, 105 Housekeeping problems, 80 Organization, 191, 317-318 Postal Savings banks, 112 I Illinois: Building and loan organization, 109 Child labor, 38 Council of Defense, 240-241
  • Child labor, 38-39 Co-operative county project, 261 School attendance, 162 Roman Catholic Union of America (Polish), 201 Roosevelt, Theodore, viii Rumanians: Home ownership, 106 Organization, 191 Russell Sage Foundation, 200 Russian: Child care, 163, 165, 172, 179 Family problems, 23, 38, 46-47 Home ownership, 106 Housekeeping problems, 59, 80

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  • What _could_ the child care for the Brides of Venice?

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