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How To Use Childhood In A Sentence?

  • From her very childhood she had been conversant with their habits and their ways.
  • The fond hopes with which she watched his childhood have been more than fulfilled.
  • Ask your own memory what some persons who ate at the table with you in childhood meant to you.
  • Blessings upon all the books that are the delight of childhood and youth and unperverted manhood!
  • The old fables that we heard together in our childhood were renewed in my memory.
  • From childhood she had stood between him and blame, shielding him, helping him, loving him.
  • The clouds in the sky of childhood do not last long, and disappear after a short, warm tear-rain.
  • In the case of the two editors, both from early childhood found their inspiration in Jo.
  • Thus subjugated, they are schooled from childhood in a creed of jealousy and hatred of other nations.
  • Such stories belong to the childhood of our race, and are now believed only by mental infants and intellectual babes.
  • How solemn the well-remembered prayers are, here uttered again in the place where in childhood we used to hear them!
  • Rapid swallowing without chewing in childhood lays the foundation for many of the digestive diseases of later life.
  • The aim of the author is to retell these familiar stories of childhood in such way as to give added interest to first and second grade pupils.
  • Most of them had been born amidst perils, reared in the forest, and taught from their childhood to hate the oppressors of their race.
  • When we thus dream back into childhood, and from childhood into infinity, this bad beginning continually flies further away.
  • She was pleased to see Boy and the innocense of childhood that he, and all those like him, possessed.
  • It always contains a feast of fat things for the little folks, and folks who are no longer little find there lost childhood in its pages.
  • Lady Crusoe was in a thin white dress which she had made for herself, and she talked of the old place and of her childhood there.
  • In his knowledge of religious rites Vergil reveals an exactness that seems to point to very careful observances in his childhood home.
  • Adeona when he makes for his mother, Abeona when he leaves her; forty-three such gods of childhood have been counted.
  • Under these conditions, in the last years of the independence of Poland, passed the childhood and youth of her future liberator.
  • In his earliest childhood his mother had taught him to love truth and justice, to be honest and upright among men, and to honor God.
  • It were better to save the values of their affections and on them to build a wise discipline for childhood by providing adequate training of parents for their duties.
  • He was born of an ancient family who were in somewhat straitened circumstances, and in childhood was an object of aversion to his parents because of his ugliness.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Childhood | Childhood Sentence

  • Her childhood was in itself an enigma.
  • Anew the childhood of their lives.
  • How little of these does childhood know!
  • During childhood his mother had died.
  • Does the moral belong to childhood alone?
  • The memory of his childhood came like a flood.
  • The care given to our childhood makes us better.
  • I do not know on what sad day My childhood went away . . .
  • With an Autobiography of his Childhood and Youth.
  • We watch the childhood of language with all its childish pranks.
  • The quaint, old-fashioned room recalled her childhood to her.
  • A more vital, lovable, contradictory specimen of childhood cannot be imagined.
  • Most of their ideas of the race were founded on childhood reading of Cooper.
  • In the reality of ripening years, My paradise of childhood was no more.
  • Where once my careless childhood strayed, A stranger yet to pain!
  • In childhood O'Iwa had shown something of an epileptic tendency.

Definition of Childhood

(chiefly uncountable) The state of being a child. | The time during which one is a child, from between infancy and puberty. | (by extension) The early stages of development of something.
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