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  • He wanted her to be safe with the children, that was all.
  • What do you know of children, that never had a child?
  • It's children that have 'em, mostly.
  • Is it only children That we must show our favor by?
  • Nor was it only the faces of the children that taught his lips to smile.
  • They were charged instead with eating the children that they killed.
  • It is only silly little children that we expect will dispute and quarrel.
  • The children that were to be, urged her toward their creator.
  • When there are children, that should always be borne in mind.
  • Nature smiled upon those sweet children, that were so soon to fade.
  • Despair like the despair of children that can weep itself to sleep....
  • It's the poor children that I pity.
  • Then there will be children that shall live, and a new race of Maori blood.
  • You will observe, children, that Tom was dreadfully learned and nautical.

How To Use Children That In A Sentence?

  • Let our father speak to the hearts of his children that they may know what to do.
  • Parents do have a certain responsibility toward any children that they brought into the world!
  • It is important with all children that the increase in the food be made very gradually.
  • There was a tender piety on the features of those children that moved the heart.
  • It is a common superstition among children that this encourages bad dreams.
  • He so worships his children that he is angry with every man that tries to take them from him.
  • The children that fill the houses of prostitution are not of foreign blood and race.
  • It was only with little children that the exuberance of her feeling poured forth in caresses.
  • All the little children that are born must look to womanhood somewhere for mothering.
  • Besides, he had heavy duties toward his own children that absorbed all his energies.
  • He kept near you and your children; that was all that he needed to do to carry out his plan.
  • Fathers should teach their children that if any one will not work neither shall he attain success.
  • Their red and white flowers told the children that their father would soon be home.
  • It is an abominable practice to tell children that the doctor brought the baby, and the like.
  • The ready-made foods for children that are sold by chemists are also made partly of wheat.
  • No, parents are twice as old as their children; that is the trouble and always will be.
  • However (rising), you have persuaded the children that he is not quite hopeless.
  • The early races began as the mother begins with her children; that is, with oral speech.
  • Mr. Dombey knew so little about children that it seemed as if he had never been a child himself.
  • None of the children that clubmen are, pointed at Lennox, though two of them whispered.
  • They's little children that won't be orphans; they's wives that won't be widdas.
  • And he wed one of the witches there, Angerboda, and they had children that took on dread shapes.
  • I passed many years, the children that I had became great, each ruling his tribe.
  • For myself I would defy the Church, but not for you or for children that might come to us.
  • This Creon, whom thou seest, hath torn away Two children that were all in all to me.
  • He was so much the companion of his own children that a friend of theirs was usually a friend of his.
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