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  • Once more he peered through the chink of the curtains.
  • There was not a chink of light to be seen anywhere.
  • He put his ear to the chink and listened.
  • And the chink of the guinea resounds in his ear.
  • The chink of sovereigns seemed sweet music to him.
  • The place is marked by a chink of fire underneath.
  • The wind thrusts a cold finger through chink and rag.
  • Surely I heard the chink of dishes on a tray!
  • Cousin George liked to chink sovereigns about at his ease.
  • So they put us to this Chink Labour gang for a rest-cure.
  • Bill lighted a candle which projected from a chink in the wall.
  • Through a similar chink his agonized eyes are peering at her.
  • I stealthily followed and peered through the chink in the door.
  • Then the chink of glasses began to mingle with the buzz of voices.
  • The chink of the gold-pieces he must hear if he died for it.
  • Scarth frowned through a chink just wide enough to show both his eyes.
  • And the curtains are drawn; not a chink of light is showing through.
  • I examined the door, and discovered a small chink between the boards.
  • He had drawn apart one little chink and showed astonishing treasures.
  • I don't know where the Chink is.
  • He could chink sovereigns about at his ease, at any rate, during the week.
  • He would presently find a chink in the armour with that old Amati.
  • I nodded, an' the big Chink turns away.
  • At chink or crevice a blinking eye, He let a dipper of water fly.
  • All the superfluous chink that I have is my guitar, and it is all I want.
  • I would certainly prefer to believe your Chink than I would believe Milburgh.
  • Slap-up offices you've got, and the chink of money everywhere.
  • The talk and the chink of the money roused the old man's failing senses.

How To Use Chink In A Sentence?

  • The clink and chink of weapons and mail and the muffled beat of creeping footsteps.
  • I stole up to the summer-house, and peeped cautiously through the chink in the window.
  • The chink widened obediently, disclosing a fluttering and scattering of dim draperies.
  • None of this blighting Northern indifference to everything except the chink of money.
  • We crept to the room where Pamphila was, and peeped through a chink in the door.
  • I was good an' ready to drop that Chink in his tracks, but I did a little thinkin' first.
  • It was the first chink I had seen in the armor of my young Goliath, and I put in my rapier.
  • When I woke again there was an affable Chink sitting by my side, who spoke quite good English.
  • The distant chink of trowel and hammer reached them through the haze of the windless summer morning.
  • The chink of the glottis or the opening between the vocal cords as seen in the mirror of the laryngoscope varies in size.
  • I think the eternal wind must now be able to get in through some chink or other which the loss of his child has left behind.
  • A stir came from the door chink behind which the females of the family were decorously hiding their indignant anxiety.

Definition of Chink

Alternative form of kink (“gasp for breath”) | Alternative form of Chink
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