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  • In the chinking between the logs at the back of the bunks the frost showed white and glistening.
  • There were also masses of indurated clay, which seem to have been used for chinking purposes.
  • The glittering of the little ornaments of gold, and their chinking together as the wearer walks, have a peculiarly lively effect.
  • The chinking appears to have been carried through in bands, producing a decorative effect, resembling some of the masonry of the Chaco ruins.
  • He had already taken the precaution of rapping upon the walls in order to discover their thickness, and to find out whether the sound of chinking money was to be heard through them.
  • The chinking had long since fallen from between the logs and the night wind whipped the smoke in stinging volleys from gaping holes in the rust-eaten jacket of the dilapidated air-tight.
  • More than the usual amount of mud mortar was used in the construction of the walls of this room, and the interstices were filled with this, chinking with small stones being but slightly practiced.
  • Everything movable in the place seemed to have been moved, and a great part of the moss chinking had been torn from one of the walls, as if a hurried and desperate search had been made for something.
  • It is probable that the practice of chinking grew up out of the scarcity of water, when walls were erected during the dry season and finished when the rains made the manufacture of mud mortar less of a task.
  • Soon we shall hear the intermittent music of the beating flail on the old barn floor, now chinking soft on the broken sheaf, now loud and clear on the sounding boards.

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Definition of Chinking

present participle of chink | The material used to fill the spaces between logs in a log house; caulking. | The sound of something that chinks.
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