Chirruped In A Sentence

How To Use Chirruped In A Sentence?

  • She drew back her hand and chirruped to the White Pony, but the Youngish Man detained her.
  • At that moment the whistle chirruped faint and shrill again, the note being repeated from the vast wall.
  • And she flipped her fingers, and chirruped to the child, and really longed to take him in her arms and kiss him.
  • There were a few sparrows in the trees, but they seemed to be ashamed of themselves, and chirruped (so to speak) with bated breath.
  • Presently, however, many little birds began to scent the coming dawn, and rustled among the leaves, and chirruped loud and clear.
  • The morning brought visitors, who admired the doll, chirruped to the little girl, and tried to talk with her grandmother, for that they made her out to be.
  • Then she took from her pocket a handful of peas and held them out of the window and chirruped low, and there flew down from the roof a small brown bird and sat upon her wrist and began to eat the peas.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Chirruped | Chirruped Sentence

  • He merely chirruped at the horses.
  • Crickets chirruped steadily in the orchard behind us.
  • Cale chirruped to them, and we sped onwards to the station.
  • Mr. Wilberfloss chirruped on, unchecked.
  • I regard the cricket that chirruped in the wall as an institution.
  • Oho!' said the Rat, and chirruped cheerily in an inviting sort of way.

Definition of Chirruped

simple past tense and past participle of chirrup
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