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  • But you two did choose it.
  • She may not choose to come.
  • He endeavored to choose what was right.
  • Wherewith the wind may choose to blow.
  • Would he choose the Oregon now?
  • And yet I may not choose for myself.
  • What if I do not choose to sell the girl?
  • Whatever made you choose Ben Oates?
  • There is little to choose between the two general practices.
  • We choose to impale ourselves upon neither horn of the dilemma.
  • But he said he should choose Nurse's things himself.
  • Who on efficient work is bent, Must choose the fittest instrument.
  • But, when wedlock is his aim, Choose a maid of sober fame.
  • Then for the rest I have to say to you, You choose I should speak plainly.

How To Use Choose In A Sentence?

  • He could swim when there were white caps in the harbour and choose his own clothing.
  • Men who drink do not always choose the bosom of the family in which to indulge their weakness.
  • We do not love and choose the disobedience, but the thing which leads us to disobey.
  • For contingency is blind, and does not pick and choose a particular sort of events.
  • After all, what was there to choose between the near-sighted and the far-sighted social vision?
  • She grovelled at his feet and further pleaded with him, to choose another, more worthy than her.
  • If you were sent upon an errand, would you choose to go by way of a hilly road or by a level one?
  • Love and jealousy were raging in my heart, but I had to choose between obedience and death.
  • He followed, sure that the alluring spirit would soon choose a flower; then he would capture it.
  • Therefore, restore my Pamphila; unless You choose to see her carried off by force.
  • Nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it.
  • The man who selects the pattern for a particular wall must choose that which is suitable to the special case.
  • If they choose to hold a convention to discuss the affairs of rat-and-mousedom, they can do it for all me.
  • He gave up the thought of going to sea, and decided that he would learn any trade his father would choose for him.
  • I plunged into books of chemistry, to try to find out how it was that certain flowers should choose certain colors out from the full beam of light.
  • Believe me, there is nobody in the world than yourself I had rather live with if obliged to choose somebody.
  • Papa got a letter from Barker this morning, and we are going out to choose him a wedding present.
  • Be not always severe, nor always mild; but choose the happy mean between them, which is the true point of discretion.
  • I sleep soundly, without dread of duns or critics, and leave immortal fame to those that choose to fret and fight about it.
  • Omnipotence cannot confer holiness upon them; they do not choose to acquire it; and hence, they are compelled to endure the awful wages of sin.
  • The enthusiastic shouts of the squadrons proved that the host was ready to follow Banfi whithersoever he might choose to lead it.
  • Seeing that not in our season of joy did we choose one another; Rather the saddest of hours it was that bound us together.
  • In selecting puppies it is best to choose rough-coated ones, as they are better able to stand the exposure of cold, rough nights.
  • On the whole, modern German literature has probably a richer field from which to choose her material than any other literature can boast of.
  • When Mr. Wilson began this debate he knew something which his critics did not know and which for reasons of state he did not choose to tell them.
  • And if so, it will certainly follow, that an infinitely wise Being, who always chooses what is best, must choose that there should be such a thing.

Definition of Choose

To pick; to make the choice of; to select. | To elect. | To decide to act in a certain way.
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