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How To Use Chortle In A Sentence?

  • The convention on the landing understood every chortle in a truly marvellous way.
  • The enemy will chortle at having succeeded in driving us away, and will very likely be off his guard.
  • Under half speed we cruised through the windless golden morning; and the lonesome canyon echoed and re-echoed with the joyful chortle of the resurrected engine.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Chortle | Chortle Sentence

  • But I wouldn't chortle overmuch, if I were you.

Definition of Chortle

(intransitive) To laugh with a chortle or chortles. | A joyful, somewhat muffled laugh, rather like a snorting chuckle. | A similar sounding vocalisation of various birds.
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Chortle in a sentence

Chortle sentence

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