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  • Now Chris will be getting impatient.
  • I thought Chris would be gone.
  • Lisner is the vilest; he hates Chris worst of all.
  • Try to be nice to Chris Allonby.
  • We haven't seen Chris and haven't heard of the murder.
  • So may Chris Trevenna.
  • Arthur hopped round the room, but Chris cried bitterly.
  • I recognized him as Chris Brady.
  • Sometimes Chris Walker and his aunt called.
  • I heard Chris Brady talking.
  • Collector, Chris Forge.
  • We had Chris Christopherson plow one for us.
  • The face of Chris Brady grew pale.
  • Next time Chris was asked to luncheon, I was asked too.
  • Anyhow, Chris Trevenna might as well wear goggles.
  • Jim Dennis met Chris Shaw as he walked towards the stand.
  • It isn't what Chris may do or may not do.
  • I was very much amused by the airs which Chris gave himself at table.
  • She often asks Chris to go there to luncheon, all by himself.
  • But had she heard Chris talking, she would not have been so happy.
  • Take the girl on the horse with you, and let Chris lead by the headstall.
  • He spoke shyly and a little surlily, like Chris when he is in mischief.
  • I am quite sure Chris meant no harm, but he does say very funny things.
  • In the old trouble, whenever he was outwitted or outfought, Chris did it.
  • He is very fond of Christopher, and Chris is never afraid of him.
  • We have Chris Davis around, for the care and feeding of the balky beast!
  • Mr. Chris Walker is one of those who never cost his mother a single pang.
  • It was what Chris said about that that pleased Lady Catherine so much.
  • Ida Mary and I had Chris break and sow sixty acres of our land to flax.

How To Use Chris In A Sentence?

  • One of these was Chris Walker, who had imbibed more champagne than was good for him.
  • At the door they met Chris Walker, who hurried up at once and asked for a dance.
  • Most acutely do I remember the doubts that followed the visit of Chris Robinson.
  • They're afraid the Mexican will get tangled up, and Max will swear he didn't see Chris at all.
  • Then a few personal bequests were left to Lady Jabe, to Chris Walker, and to some other friends.
  • The chief reason she got it for him was that there was such a very good picture of a toad, and Chris is so fond of toads.
  • Then it struck me he might have seen Chris trespassing, and he might be coming at last to lay a formal complaint.
  • Nothing comforted us so much whilst Mother and Chris were away as being allowed to play in the library.
  • I'd 'a' hooked two horses, and Chris and me would now be getting farther and farther.
  • She said that to vex him, because, ever since he heard that he had water on the brain, Chris is very easily affronted about his head.
  • He thanked Chris Shaw for his offer, but said there was very little chance of his being able to buy such a large station.
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