Christine In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Christine | Christine Sentence

  • Christine had been down just before.
  • Christine was with her to the last.
  • Christine.
  • Christine looked wildly about her.
  • Christine nodded gravely.
  • Christine smiled softly.
  • Christine sat up in bed.
  • Christine was my kind friend.
  • Christine started with a sudden shudder.
  • Christine followed them with a misgiving heart.
  • Christine tossed her head and bit her lips.
  • Christine remained silently sobbing and wringing her hands.
  • Christine nodded; she was considering many things.
  • Christine and I found her there.
  • Christine went on to Chesters.
  • Christine and Edward had quarreled.
  • I remember Christine.
  • Christine and Ridgwell both laughed.
  • Christine vers notre Roy.
  • Ridgwell and Christine shook their heads.
  • Ridgwell and Christine started slightly.
  • Your Christine is in fine shape.
  • But Christine had resigned in toto.
  • For Christine it revolved all too quickly.
  • It was the first time Christine went there.
  • Without a word Christine left the cell.
  • Therefore leave me now, Christine.
  • At this moment Christine opened her eyes.
  • Bis er auf Christine traf.
  • Moeder Christine dacht het met woede.
  • Toen lachte juffer Christine niet meer.
  • En zijn vrouw Christine lachte witjes.
  • You know my wishes, Christine.
  • Where is the shade of the worthy Christine to-day?
  • Christine Nilsson, so that little or no effect was made.

How To Use Christine In A Sentence?

  • A deep sigh escaped from the oppressed bosom of Christine.
  • Moeder Christine schoof onrustig op haar stoel.
  • Christine of the Young Heart.
  • I looked towards the other bed, Christine was asleep.
  • Illustrated by Christine Chisholm.
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