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Definition of Chromatic

Relating to or characterised by hue. | Having the capacity to separate spectral colours by refraction. | (music) Related to or using notes not belonging to the diatonic scale of the key in which a passage is written.

How To Use Chromatic In A Sentence?

  • For this purpose the chromatic elements collect into threads and split lengthwise.
  • The chromatic scale is a succession of all the half steps in the compass of one octave.
  • Cool, restrained, and satisfying, the composition has all the elements of chromatic perfection.
  • There are therefore two octave keys which give a chromatic compass [Illustration: 8va.
  • By this adjustment of the lenses of the condenser it is possible to do away with disturbing chromatic aberration.
  • He was therefore forced to go down the chromatic scale of creation and find another class of clients.
  • Form can exist independently of colour, but it never has had any important development without the chromatic adjunct.
  • That upon the four-holed clay flageolets the chromatic and diatonic scales can be produced with a full octave.
  • It is well known that the waters of oceans and seas exhibit similar gradations of chromatic hues in certain regions.
  • It was singing a tune far out of harmony with chromatic exercises, and she was glad her mother could not hear.
  • After going over them in the above way, try them by playing the chromatic scale and you will invariably find some that need additional attention.
  • He pulls the slide in and out a couple of times with an unearthly chromatic grunt, and then there is a deep, pregnant silence.
  • A Chromatic progression is one in which the pitch is changed a semitone, while the name remains the same.
  • After you have gone all over your temperament, test every member of the chromatic scale as a fundamental of a chord, as a third, and as a fifth.
  • So that, fused as he was with his work, he himself became that impossible thing, a chromatic voice, a multicoloured echo.
  • The Meissonier lad's collection of rabbits' ears increased until he had nearly colors enough to run the chromatic scale.
  • Whenever I sang a trill they would poke each other in the ribs and giggle and, when there was a series of the chromatic trills, they nearly burst.
  • Again I reply to the triple winds running chromatic fifths of derision outside my window: Play louder.
  • A knowledge of these and kindred facts will save the architect from many disappointments and enable him to obtain wonderful chromatic effects by simple means.
  • Whereas, in these two cases, there is a profound difference in the distribution of the chromatic materials, is this true of their chemical nature as well?
  • The same chromatic principle must certainly exist in a more elaborate form and under a different molecular arrangement in the skin of the abdomen and the wing-cases which will presently replace white by red.
  • In fact his art was composed entirely of minute chromatic planes which, by their complete adaptability to a given position in space, produced the intensest form.
  • Tommy pirouetted about the room like an intoxicated bird, waving the letter, and trilling and running joyful chromatic scales, for the most part badly done.
  • Of the wrens, both the rock wren and the canyon wren are occasionally seen, the peculiar song of the latter bringing a thrill of cheer to those who are familiar with its falling chromatic scale.
  • Nor does there appear to be, in the future history of this egg, any actual fusion of the chromatic material, the male and female chromosomes perhaps always remaining distinct.
  • Both of these instruments were built upon a supposed correspondence between a given scale of colors, and the musical chromatic scale; they were played from a musical score upon an organ keyboard.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Chromatic | Chromatic Sentence

  • Then followed the chromatic scale, up and down.
  • A chromatic scale bounced off a row of rapidly pointing toes.
  • The movement ends with a rapid descending chromatic scale of three octaves.

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