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  • Anything like chronic rheumatism?
  • What is said of chronic catarrh?
  • The thing became chronic with them.
  • It may likewise be divided into an acute and chronic form.
  • I'm afraid I've started a chronic headache.
  • The habit of fighting teachers was as chronic as her heart-disease.
  • I took it that his sour temper was the result of chronic discontent.
  • Cynthy's face had indeed a chronic air of disapproval.
  • From the report of such chronic cases we may turn to the acute ones.
  • He's got a chronic grouch, ma says.
  • The probabilities, then, were in favour of chronic poisoning.
  • These ulcers are of a chronic nature, showing little disposition to spread.
  • One daughter, not strong at the time of the outrage, became a chronic invalid.
  • Holborn, that he had been cured of a chronic rheumatism by Dr. Morgan.
  • THE BRIDE Of chronic interstitial nephritis.
  • It slipped into a chronic condition of postponement; and Mr. Maxwell died.
  • A chronic case--excellent patient--tic, sir, tic.

How To Use Chronic In A Sentence?

  • No one is ever attacked by a nasal or any other catarrh, nor by any other chronic ailings.
  • She wore herself out with chronic admiration, and wasted her strength on curious dislikes.
  • We commence with hydrocephalus, which he remarks has been divided into an acute and chronic form.
  • Let us develop a chronic disease along these lines, with nasal catarrh for an illustration.
  • But such debility could be produced by only starvation, unsuitable food, or chronic poisoning.
  • From 1868 to 1876 Cuba may be said to have been in a state of chronic civil war.
  • It fosters the love of what is good and uplifting before low tastes have become a chronic propensity.
  • It has been the chronic mistake of statecraft and all organising spirits to attempt immediately to scheme and arrange and achieve.
  • The harried expression which was becoming chronic leaped into his eyes at the introduction, as he asked himself what now might be portending.
  • That bleeding and a debilitating treatment are equally necessary, whatever be the temperament, in whooping-cough of the chronic form.
  • It is security against chronic hostility to the Government and security against the manifestation of a revolutionary spirit among the people.
  • At this time the chronic grievance of the impressment of seamen from American vessels grew suddenly acute.
  • In chronic diseases of the digestive organs, very frequently, there is an inactive, or costive condition of the alimentary canal.
  • The chronic scowl that made little children run when the local kill-joy approached lifted at the prospect of striking a blow beneath the belt.
  • At other times, the chronic inflammation continues, and finally extends to the serous membrane, giving rise to the effusion.
  • Indeed, her condition was one of such chronic hunger that Augustine grew alarmed and thought a doctor should be consulted.
  • Meyer improved rapidly for a time, her chronic rheumatism causing her less trouble than in years, after the first three weeks of fasting.
  • For the rest she had really beautiful eyes, a somewhat elastic mouth, and a straight nose well powdered to gloss over its chronic redness.
  • After weeks in hospital the Britisher pulled through typhus, malignant malaria, and chronic rheumatism.
  • He has a most irascible temper, also, but, unlike the thrasher, he does not allow his ill-humor to degenerate into chronic sulkiness.
  • He said that Mrs. Meyer had been ill for about a year, her malady having been diagnosed as chronic rheumatism.
  • Lastly, the patient Graves was suffering from chronic morphine poisoning, and morphine was found in the body of Jeffrey.
  • He affirmed that the ravages of chronic disease had progressed too far for his treatment to conquer them, and that his attendance was advised by the family physician.

Definition of Chronic

Of a problem, that continues over an extended period of time. | (medicine) Prolonged or slow to heal. | Of a person, suffering from an affliction that is prolonged or slow to heal.
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