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  • After this my chronicle is silent.
  • All the rest of this story is the chronicle of that.
  • His chronicle runs to 1521.
  • As a chronicle it is completely successful.
  • This chronicle runs to the year 1525.
  • We can only record its moods, and chronicle their return.
  • To suckle fools, and chronicle small beer.
  • The Last Chronicle of Barset.
  • The Chronicle of a Cornish Garden.
  • The solution of the problem is best indicated by the chronicle of the event.
  • His chronicle contains a few allusions to events in Sweden from 1507 to 1515.
  • And here endeth the chronicle of the pursuit of the good old House-boat.
  • I have not space to chronicle all Deering's musical works.
  • The remarkable Andrew; being the chronicle of a literal man.
  • Flechier's chronicle of Clermont assizes, 47.
  • It is chiefly a chronicle of Swedish wars, running from 1518 to 1536.
  • Amor's Norse Chronicle of Archery.
  • A few statements in his chronicle refer to the expedition of Christiern II.
  • The chronicle of this strange chapter of my life's history is finished.
  • He was the very man--a walking chronicle of Verona.
  • Annales Cestrienses, or Chronicle of St. Werburgh, from the MS.

How To Use Chronicle In A Sentence?

  • I am not about to chronicle how time now rolled over the characters of our story.
  • There is little to chronicle that is worth while of the later descendants of the original stock.
  • A chronicle of the building of a cabin home in a forest-girdled meadow of the Sierras.
  • This is but an abstract and brief chronicle of the great city at the Western gate of the world.
  • One of them, a tough old warrior named Rensel, has left us a chronicle of his life.
  • But the chronicle of Minori tells us there was once a beach from Amalfi to Majori!
  • It has been my privilege to chronicle some of our adventures together, and his help has been of infinite benefit to me.
  • All the distinguished personages of his chronicle were there, and the boar, and the wolf, and the bear were among them.
  • But there is just one thing that I would like to chronicle here in favour of the chairman and in gratitude for his assistance.
  • It would be a waste of time to chronicle in minute detail this period of Adelle's marriage.
  • I shall not have the same variety to chronicle now that I seem to be fixed here, but more interest and a higher style of work.
  • This one is Honora's, and must be got on with, for it is to be a chronicle of lightning changes.
  • The interview lasted about a hundred seconds longer, but I do not feel called upon to chronicle the last details.
  • He resembled so undeniably the gardeners in that ageless chronicle of Alice that Caroline smiled approvingly upon him.
  • We read further in the same chronicle that the bishops and their retinues were entertained for a week by Bishop Poore at his sole charge.
  • I merely chronicle the ├Žsthetic pleasure that I derive from verses four and five, though neither of these even approaches perfection.
  • It is not our purpose to chronicle the activities of this New England worthy, however interesting and instructive they may be.
  • But as she looked up and smiled, that same witching smile put an effectual stop to the chronicle of Brian Harper.
  • A meagre chronicle of events in Visby, composed by various unknown hands in the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries.

Definition of Chronicle

To record in or as in a chronicle. | A written account of events and when they happened, ordered by time.
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