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  • The newspapers chronicled the circumstance.
  • His first impressions are chronicled at some length.
  • The papers chronicled the immigration that spring as unprecedented.
  • How long Alastair continued a drover is not chronicled in oral tradition.
  • Go, bid her come, Before my words are chronicled in Heaven.

How To Use Chronicled In A Sentence?

  • Nothing of any importance is chronicled of him for the last two years of his all too short life.
  • Nearly forty years have slipped away since the events chronicled in this volume.
  • To a large extent, the events chronicled in the last chapter overlap into the second year.
  • He knew that the pomp of war, if often sung by poets, is oftener chronicled in hell.
  • A record of the eruptions of Hecla has been chronicled since the 10th century, and they number 43.
  • Its facts and incidents are graven on thousands of lives and chronicled in numerous authentic histories.
  • Some stupid blockhead inserted it in the newspapers, and it is now unfortunately chronicled in your valuable work.
  • She was sufficiently aware of her own importance to feel sure that the fact of her return had been duly chronicled in the local papers.
  • It is chronicled to her credit that all her expenditure was not upon herself alone, but that she was equally lavish when she attempted charity.
  • Her minutest doings were chronicled in the Society papers with a wealth of detail that was astounding.
  • He caught and skinned and tanned and sewed his otter, and then invested the precious bag with those chronicled weird fragments of matter.
  • It cannot be chronicled that young Carmody was either surprised or disappointed at thus being assigned to a career.
  • The principal things done in each case, however, will be chronicled under their proper heads in the second part of this work.
  • Sometimes they fare forth joyously into a larger world, and their names lend luster to greater events than are chronicled in our society column.
  • Curious, indeed, were the events that were to follow, events known only to a few, and here chronicled for the first time.
  • It may be that little of this now remains in England, but the minutest indications should be carefully chronicled ere they disappear.
  • These latter, indeed, have, until the present generation, rarely been sung by poet, or chronicled by sage.
  • This tale was chronicled in the last century, but it is not known whether every particular incident connected therewith was recorded by Williams.
  • In like manner the wise men recorded the history of the empire, and chronicled the great deeds of the reigning Inca or his ancestors.
  • The "Saunders" of the day duly chronicled their arrival; but there the great event seemed to terminate.
  • No further episode of the journey is chronicled until on September 11 the boats arrived at the foot of the rapids now called Lachine.
  • Prodigies of valor were chronicled in a few lines of space; the British army, greatly outnumbered, was holding the enemy.
  • In this story she has not sentimentalized her substance, but has accepted the sentimental values inherent in the theme and chronicled them faithfully.
  • The regimental letter-writer chronicled this promotion in the Hillaton "Courier" with evident satisfaction.
  • That he cannot altogether avoid it is shown by the fact that the men who are here chronicled took part in events of first-class importance in the age in which they lived.
  • It was chronicled in the newspapers and letters of the day in cold, heartless language that plainly spoke the indifference of the public to the trade and its awful consequences.
  • In reconsidering what I have written I perceive that unconsciously I have chronicled only the pleasant episodes of my existence.
  • There was a manuscript of some hundred pages, closely written, in which the poor things had chronicled for many years the incidents of their daily life.
  • Was that the man of whose daring she had heard in India, performing deeds of valour that had been chronicled again and again in the despatches sent home?
  • Women were faithless: misogamists in prose and poetry had so chronicled the fact, and he had already, at this early age, become the victim of their perfidy.
  • Gladys remembered that the county paper had chronicled the sweeping away of several bridges; others were left doubtless undermined, insecure, trembling to their fall.

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simple past tense and past participle of chronicle
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