Chronologically In A Sentence

Definition of Chronologically

(manner) In a chronological manner. | (sequence) In sequence according to time.

How To Use Chronologically In A Sentence?

  • The contents of this volume have been arranged chronologically as far as is possible.
  • Of the history of his own country, his knowledge was well digested and chronologically arranged.
  • The curious reader may find copies of all these messages chronologically set down in this volume.
  • Revelation 17 covers the same period chronologically and ends at the same point of time as did chapter 13.
  • In enumerating and analysing the remains of Egyptian art, we shall classify them chronologically as well as locally.
  • The reader of these Essays, which are not chronologically arranged, is asked to notice the date in each case affixed to them.
  • The Quotations are arranged Chronologically from the earliest Period to the beginning of the present Century.
  • A story of early Christianity chronologically presented, full of interest in the hands of a teacher who enjoys the historical point of view.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Chronologically | Chronologically Sentence

  • Of these the Dig-ambaras were chronologically the earliest.

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