Chrysanthemums In A Sentence

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  • I enclose a few chrysanthemums from the Australian desert.
  • The Story Girl stood up and waved her chrysanthemums at us.
  • We've never had such chrysanthemums before.
  • The roses were in blossom, and the chrysanthemums were in their first glory.
  • Lastly, the Chrysanthemums are in flower, though not in the inner garden.

How To Use Chrysanthemums In A Sentence?

  • White chrysanthemums stood in silver vases, candles burned softly on the white-draped dresser.
  • Toen bezoekers kwamen om de chrysanthemums te zien, die hij had geplant, was alles verdwenen.
  • De kinderzielen der chrysanthemums praten en zingen en spelen met den geest van Kikuo.
  • Stately red chrysanthemums made splashes of crimson brilliance against the dark green of the scented myrtle.
  • Men went by with yellow chrysanthemums pinned to their coats and a fresh and eager look upon their faces.
  • And though he was by this time more than eighty years old, his love for his chrysanthemums had only increased with age.
  • The Arbutus has again opened its bunches of waxen pink, and the Chrysanthemums are again blooming on the shrubbery beds.
  • Shades were partially drawn, giving the interior a gloomy atmosphere, despite the vases of brightly colored chrysanthemums which decorated the tables.
  • For a table center piece a large pumpkin could be used with the top cut off and partly filled with water in which a large bunch of yellow chrysanthemums or golden-rod could be placed.

Definition of Chrysanthemums

plural of chrysanthemum
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