Chums In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Chums | Chums Sentence

  • The chums at once realized what it meant.
  • His chums declared he was right.
  • Later the chums disrobed and turned in.
  • He and the judge were great chums now.
  • We were better chums than ever.
  • My daughter is quite chums with them all.
  • Frank and his chums quickly followed.
  • They were chums of long standing.
  • Betty and her chums evidently realized that.
  • So the chums parted for the present.
  • Betty and her chums have a grand time in the saddle.
  • The chums looked upwards at the ceiling.
  • Then he rejoined his chums and they left the theatre.
  • Andy and his chums were getting back their breaths.
  • Then the two chums sallied forth.
  • The two chums looked at each other curiously.
  • Then the chums started out for another stroll.
  • In silence the chums proceeded on their way.
  • But the chums did not forget to salute the officer.
  • On that score the chums seemed to be agreed.
  • He lingered as his chums got up from the table.
  • We were great old chums for a month or so.
  • But his chums seemed almost thunderstruck.
  • For a few minutes the two chums chatted.
  • The active whistler deserved all the chums said about him.
  • From the plan the chums fell to talking of other days.
  • New chums from home are always made welcome.
  • Then the chums turned and ascended the steps to the club.
  • All three chums had been listening with eager attention.
  • And so the four chums made their way ashore.
  • He and his three chums were loitering on deck at the time.
  • More than one huge trout had the two chums taken here.
  • The three chums looked at each other, nonplussed.
  • A moment later the three chums were lost in oblivion.
  • Dinner over, the chums retired to their sleeping cabin.

How To Use Chums In A Sentence?

  • Well-nigh exhausted, the two chums gained their goal.
  • The English soldier chums up quickly.
  • Perhaps Andy and his chums had contributed to this end.
  • Later, while the chums ate, the old peasant went abroad.
  • A glorious outing that Betty and her chums never forgot.

Definition of Chums

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of chum | plural of chum

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