Church Of In A Sentence

How To Use Church Of In A Sentence?

  • And would such be a Church of Christ?
  • Such alone can be a Church of Christ.
  • Paulinus and Ythamar in the church of the Priory.
  • He set up the Church of England.
  • This is not the unity of the Church of God.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Church Of | Church Of Sentence

  • The church of our fathers.
  • What about the church of the future?
  • The principal church of a diocese.
  • Yet it was the chief church of the village.
  • He studied the history of the church, of the creed.
  • It will be in the church, of course, just before midday.
  • They are they who are the Church of the first born.
  • Was the island church of Orchardleigh.
  • It is now the parish church of Edgeware.
  • I love the church of Christ.
  • He desires to be buried in the church of Rippon.
  • Church of the Deaconesses, 31.
  • The church of God is universal or it is no church at all.
  • The little church of Grenville was crowded.
  • Each church of Paris was a popular museum.
  • Therefore we joined the church of God first of all.
  • The most notable is the little church of Sta.
  • A new church of Spanish architecture is beside it.
  • Church of the Monks, near the citadel.
  • Pontifical of the church of Apamea, ap.
  • The "summer boarder" went to church, of course.
  • So is the Church of God.
  • Members of the Church of England!
  • The Church of England.
  • So it was in the Church of Corinth.
  • Moderator of the Church of Scotland.
  • Can it be a Church of Christ?
  • Church of the Holy Cross.
  • But this is the creed of the Church of England.

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