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  • The thing now was to pull off this assignment and cinch the appointment for good.
  • The cinch had been cut almost through with a sharp knife, and the strain upon it had parted it.
  • He tightened the cinch with a savage jerk, coiled his tie rope and flung himself into the saddle.
  • He dropped over the ledge and checked the cinch on a big bay that stood near Silver.
  • There he sat on his porch, coatless, in carpet slippers, playing cinch with three farm hands.
  • Well, believe me, that trail was a cinch and I could follow it as easy as a clothes line.
  • Dick, as Captain, wanted to make a spectacular showing, and cinch the meet for his team.
  • It proved to be a "knock-out," for when Cinch had done with him, the wolf was stretched out dead.
  • Perfect cinch once you get to the mouth of the bay; all you have to do is submerge and take it easy.
  • Of late he had noted how the cinch of his working saddle was weakening; some of the strands had parted even.
  • As he picked it up, he was seen to stop and look at the cinch carefully, then hurry to where the boys were awaiting him.
  • In a twinkling, he slipped the bridle of the horse over his head, unfastened the cinch and flung the saddle to the ground.
  • For steep-trail work the double cinch is preferable to the single, as it need not be pulled so tight to hold the saddle in place.
  • At the watering trough he watered his horse, and then, slackening the cinch a little, he went inside.
  • If time hung heavy Mr. Wright or Mr. Masterson would cinch a small saddle-tree onto Inez.
  • At last Cinch succeeded in getting a firm hold on his shaggy antagonist's throat.
  • He hesitated only a moment, nervously twisting the saddle-strings with one hand, then straightened up and tore loose the cinch fastening.
  • And if you also know what he plans to do when he gets where he's going, you've got an absolute lead-pipe cinch to work with.
  • He whinnied jubilantly when the cinch was pulled tight, and his great strength showed in every rippling muscle beneath his snow white coat.
  • He jerked his cinch tight, climbed into his saddle and as his young horse whirled about Thornton saw that he had a rifle under his leg.
  • I went, much as did the others, and found Lyle who looked very shamefaced fumbling with his saddle cinch outside.
  • Scraggsy," he said sadly, "it's a cinch you ain't used the past four years to stimulate that imagination of yours.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cinch | Cinch Sentence

  • Now the cinch had parted.
  • No such cinch for Marie.
  • It's a cinch their camp ain't far from their livestock.
  • Cracky, I could see it would be a cinch ark!
  • It'll be a cinch for me.
  • And when the cinch was drawn tight he fought at being mounted.
  • The jerk on the cinch brought a snort from him, but that was all.
  • The little matter of the country is a cinch compared to that job.
  • Get a cinch on her spare time ahead so as to shut the other fellow out.
  • It was a cinch that he'd draw like wet rawhide.
  • Well, it was a cinch he wouldn't butt in.
  • The nickel-iron brutes were a dead cinch to haul off to the smelters.
  • Just then a gal with a pink cinch comes walkin' along.
  • If we had had the evidence to cinch Dixon it would have been different.
  • I've got the cinch on you, Britten.
  • So long as we From care are free, Vexations cannot cinch us.
  • While I was tinkering with the cinch I thought I heard a couple of shots.
  • As Stella came riding up, she shouted: "The cinch was cut.

Definition of Cinch

(card games) In the game of cinch, to protect (a trick) by playing a higher trump than the five. | (card games) A variety of auction pitch in which a draw to improve the hand is added, and the five of trumps (called "right Pedro") and the five of the same colour (called "left Pedro", and ranking between the five and the four of trumps) are each worth five. Fifty-one points make a game.
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