Cinderella in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Cinderella

1. The Cinderella had been a success. 🔊

2. One by one Cinderella pulled them out. 🔊

3. The story of Cinderella originated there. 🔊

4. Then Cinderella shyly begged that she might try. 🔊

5. Worn't Cinderella wot might 'ave bin called beautiful? 🔊

6. Besides, you're not Cinderella to-day, you're Snowdrop. 🔊

7. The wicked sisters of Cinderella were driven out of the palace. 🔊

8. Poor, poor Cinderella at 'ome! 🔊

9. Now Cinderella may begin to think of putting on her royal robes. 🔊

10. So must Cinderella have felt upon awaking after her first ball. 🔊

11. The question of Cinderella came up then; and there was a good deal of talk. 🔊

12. As Cinderella moved, the firelight shone upon her dainty shoes. 🔊

13. Did Cinderella and the Prince find the world romantic after they were married? 🔊

How to use Cinderella in Sentences?

1. Sure enough, Cinderella returned with the rat-trap, in which were three large rats. 🔊

2. Then Cinderella went to bed, and in the morning she awoke to the workaday world that she had left for a single evening. 🔊

3. The third evening the count slips a costly ring on her finger, which Cinderella uses to identify herself with. 🔊

4. After all his trouble, all his hard thoughts and anxious reflections, here was this tiresome Cinderella refusing to be set free. 🔊

5. And this condition, resting on the basic faith in veracity, he felt to be above all the work of science, the Cinderella of thought. 🔊

6. A few moments later, the coach dashed into the royal courtyard, the door was flung open, and Cinderella alighted. 🔊

7. The sisters were quite amazed; but their astonishment increased ten fold, when Cinderella drew the fellow slipper out of her pocket, and put it on. 🔊