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Definition of Cipher

(intransitive, regional, dated) To calculate. | (intransitive) To write in code or cipher. | (intransitive, music) Of an organ pipe: to sound independent of the organ.

How To Use Cipher In A Sentence?

  • It was written in the same kind of cipher as the other and in the same florid terms.
  • Nowadays there is no cipher which is absolutely safe, if it has been in use for some time.
  • I had found the key to a cipher which he had evidently used to correspond with his friends.
  • He read the raving of her mind, they declared admiringly, as if he held the cipher to it.
  • In the interest of science, I will cipher it out on the hypothesis that it is masculine.
  • Still, somehow, I could read, write, and cipher to the rule of three, but that was all.
  • Remember that his very physiognomy is a cipher the key to which it behooves you to search for most diligently.
  • And continued in cipher communication with Max Freund and Ferez Bey in America.
  • Inspiration resembles a cipher dispatch which the unconscious activity transmits to the conscious process, which translates it.
  • He owns sights of land and timber, but he thinks that if you can read and write and cipher a little it is enough.
  • No one had ever been able to teach her how to cipher and learning the piano had been a fruitless effort abandoned in her fifteenth year.
  • They can cipher and sew; have an idea of the rotundity of the earth, with some knowledge of the other countries beyond the sea.
  • It is only partly in cipher for the reason the cipher code I made was not intended for a message such as this.
  • With a convex lens of about an inch focus, look attentively at a silver seal, on which a cipher is engraved.
  • Over and above this, owing to our isolation in Washington, we were able to alter the cipher but very seldom.
  • By the first operation they prepare a clean surface for their mark; and, by the second, they stamp their cipher deeply into the wood.
  • Each class of honor pupil could whisper, go out, or go to the blackboards to draw or cipher without asking permission.
  • He felt convinced, however, that a crude example of the simplest, most primitive cipher was contained upon the sheet.
  • I say decipher, because a real cipher might often be much more readily understood than the handwriting of Napoleon.
  • All alchemical works are written in the cipher of which I speak; it has been used by the great philosophers and poets of all time.
  • Hastening back to the corral, he added a cipher to the posted figure, added a decimal point, and changed the cents sign to that of a dollar.
  • But to return to the cipher letter," continued Zabern, in a tone of profound dejection.
  • It was a very easy matter for the fraudulent receiver to change the "seven" to "seventy" and to add a cipher to the amount in figures.
  • Here "c" is soft and represents a cipher and not 7. "{D}e{f}y a {s}{c}ow" gives the exact date.
  • As you know yourself, the cipher letter warning certain people in London of the coming raid, passed through his hands.
  • Shakespeare did the lines and plot, Bacon furnished the cipher and Donnelly called attention to it through the papers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cipher | Cipher Sentence

  • The most ingenious cipher ever devised.
  • He relocked the cipher book and replaced it in the desk.
  • There was no mysterious cipher to be studied here to-night.
  • He'll cipher the world into nothin' in no time.
  • I cannot give even the cipher of them, or I would!
  • All thoughts of the cipher were postponed for evening recreation.
  • He read the cipher sheet through once, twice; it seemed thrice.
  • Was this the cipher used by the dead man to communicate with Sybil?
  • I was a cipher in this august company, and felt subdued, not to say torpid.
  • The merest unit in the sum, the cipher even, has power to change the total.
  • Without his pockets John would be a cipher, and a decimal cipher at that.
  • Fortunately, however, Tibbie had not seen my cipher advertisements.
  • When Grant took the cipher Stanton ordered the operator to be dismissed.
  • At last he got to comin' down in the shaft, hisself, to try to cipher it out.

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