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  • The story came to me by a circuitous route.
  • I soon discovered that he was taking us back by a very circuitous path.
  • They went back round the hill and by a circuitous track to the jetty.
  • He goes a long way about, but never tires of his circuitous journey.
  • It was a long circuitous route which took Stanley Fyles back to his camp.
  • I set out for Kioram, taking a circuitous road to avoid Calnogor.
  • The people's own telegrams to Paris went by a more circuitous route.

How To Use Circuitous In A Sentence?

  • To this consummation it was indispensable to lead you by slow degrees and circuitous paths.
  • Moreover, it would save several miles of travel over a safer but more circuitous route.
  • For the rest I had to content myself with short telegrams by circuitous routes.
  • The journey was circuitous in order to enable Lincoln to speak at a number of places.
  • In the absence of trustworthy information he took (when once he did move) a long, circuitous road.
  • How far he walked that night, I am unable to say, his course being a very circuitous one.
  • The offer was declined, and Victor Emmanuel took a circuitous route to avoid observation.
  • Once in the dark street, by circuitous paths, Mr. Masterson sought the station.
  • So they set off together, and Dr Justin, with Mrs Stone, followed a more circuitous path.
  • As he took a circuitous route homeward a little later he became conscious of a dull ache in his ear.
  • By shifting his camp and taking circuitous routes, he prevents the enemy from anticipating his purpose.
  • She stayed in the house just long enough to change her dress, then came on here by a circuitous route.
  • By means of a circuitous route, and the expenditure of much valuable time, we at last succeeded in getting over them.
  • All those things at which thou wishest to arrive by a circuitous road thou canst have now, if thou dost not refuse them to thyself.
  • Certainly, a dozen times before, he had reached his lodgings by most circuitous routes, and never known through which streets he had come.
  • So saying, she led the way on tiptoe, followed by the children out of the room, and round by a circuitous route to the piazza.
  • They withdrew into the wood again and made a circuitous deviation till they came down upon the river, two miles above Ticonderoga.
  • The cat's circuitous methods puzzled him, and his elaborate pretences perhaps shocked the dog's liking for direct, undisguised action.
  • For what reason the queen chose to enter Liddesdale by the circuitous route of Hawick, does not appear.
  • After alighting from the machine, I had to descend to the loch-side by a steep, miry, and circuitous road through a wood.
  • His object, on the night he was arrested, was to make another trial at Cashel, which he designed to approach by a circuitous route.
  • She saw, therefore, no hope of security, but by endeavouring to regain the street, through a circuitous path, by sudden rapidity of flight.
  • How long they were, in their staggering, circuitous course, in reaching their goal of cholla, Rhoda never knew.
  • There is a modification of the selfish system which attempts to get rid of its more offensive aspect by a singular and circuitous chain of moral emotions.
  • It may be reached by the Rue Lepic, more circuitous and possibly more safe than the acrobatic ladders which lead directly to its door.
  • It took more than an hour to get from the harbour to the ship, for we had to take a very circuitous route owing to the shallow water and many sandbanks.
  • This is a natural fissure or cleft in the earth, running from the village to the sea in a circuitous direction and increasing in width and depth as it approaches the shore.
  • Therefore, knowing that he was followed he had come, ill-dressed and disguised, by a circuitous route to Charlton Wood.
  • The journey across Ireland was made as quickly as slow trains and a circuitous route would permit, and we reached Sligo on the second day.
  • The morning after our arrival, I took a stroll by a circuitous pathway to the top of Loughrigg Fell.
  • Whenever she went to the chapel they caused her to be followed by showers of stones, so that to avoid those who lay in wait for her, she was often obliged to take the most circuitous routes.
  • But at last, long after nightfall, with baby fast asleep, Scattergood drove into Coldriver by deserted and circuitous roads.
  • At a signal the weights were released, it was drawn forward, and rising gracefully at the end of the rail gradually ascended in a circuitous course upward.

Definition of Circuitous

Not direct or to the point. | Of a long and winding route.
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