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  • I will be as circumspect in my movements as possible.
  • The gossips looked at each other with a circumspect air.
  • I can be circumspect enough when occasion requires.
  • Twenty-five, rather more circumspect in conduct.
  • The rosy hearthstone and sheltered rug were too circumspect for him.
  • She is so circumspect and right; She has her soul to keep.
  • Well, perhaps they do, if the "best" be a circumspect kind of goodness.

How To Use Circumspect In A Sentence?

  • They are more circumspect on the sea, when danger does not oblige them to make resistance.
  • When the lion began to roar, it behooved the players to be circumspect and meek.
  • For you and all your kind are so much putty in the hands of circumspect fellows such as I.
  • My youth, mental cultivation, and circumspect deportment, entitled me to deference and confidence.
  • They were less circumspect than of old and were walking out the old Mission Road.
  • Henceforth he must be circumspect with every male customer on his list except jobbers and wholesalers.
  • This custom meets with the perfect sanction of the most circumspect parents, and the freedom is seldom abused.
  • He may have blinked his weary eyes a time or two, but in the main he was very attentive, very circumspect and very much puzzled.
  • Remembering his last interview with the crotchety old man, Wallace was particularly circumspect when he met him.
  • The Blackbird soon found his way to the corn sacks, but he and his friends were uncommonly circumspect whenever they met any sparrows.
  • And remarshalling his squadrons, he galloped towards the barricaded forest paths, heedless of the warnings of the more circumspect Veer.
  • That which I had deemed so arduous, to require such circumspect approaches, such well-concerted speeches, was done.
  • The newspapers were unremitting; Horace gave them a brief and circumspect interview, and thenceforth refused to add another word to his statement.
  • You will forgive me for reminding you, likewise, that it is particularly incumbent upon those in my situation to be circumspect in their intercourse with men and with strangers.
  • Much had come out in their many hours of talk, but he had found her circumspect with regard to certain parts of her life, and had never put a question.
  • As children first acquire knowledge and habits from the examples of their parents, the latter should be circumspect in all their actions, manners and modes of speech.
  • Hard-riding, hard-drinking, hard-fighting cavaliers, upon whose deeds and adventures the staid, circumspect Carmodys looked aghast.
  • My sudden appearance on the stage, my stately reserve, my splendid habitation, and my circumspect deportment, were sufficient to entitle me to homage.
  • Thus they were very considerate and circumspect in everything, but did not neglect, for all that, to labor in the field, in order that they might afterward gather abundance of fruit.
  • She was naturally artless and confiding; though the kind of persecution she had experienced from one admirer had rendered her, for a time, suspicious and circumspect toward the other.
  • Then he had the power to make everyone feel at home, so that he was the very man to lead a lovefeast, although he did sometimes say things that would shock very orderly and circumspect persons.
  • Its history and aims are much less clear than those of its Russian original, owing partly to the circumspect anonymity in which its sponsors have elected to veil themselves.

Definition of Circumspect

Carefully aware of all circumstances; considerate of all that is pertinent.
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