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How To Use Circumvent In A Sentence?

  • Meanwhile, the desirability of building a road to circumvent Niagara had not escaped attention.
  • A few American firms, which were hostile to Germany, did their best to circumvent Bremen.
  • Was this a clever device on the part of the painter to circumvent hostile criticism by clothing his innovations with a sympathetic theme?
  • It shall be a crime to circumvent the red dot even if, but for the dot, the use would have been fair.
  • She may have privately intended to be careful lest her future expeditions be discovered, but I have arranged to circumvent that.
  • He wondered if that mad woman Julie had given up watching them, and, if not, if they would be able to circumvent her again.
  • He makes sharper spears, or a better bow, or he constructs a cunning pitfall, or combines in a hunting party to circumvent his new prey.
  • All the men expressed their readiness to go with Mr. Thompson and the others to circumvent the savages on their raid.
  • I come to you because I know that you could circumvent the Effendina, even if he sent ten thousand men.
  • Though the officials endeavored to keep the matter secret, it leaked out and immediately the Central Pacific planned to circumvent their aim.
  • Malnutrition as a factor contributing to sickness, and sickness as a factor preventing the labor necessary to circumvent starvation, constituted a vicious relationship.
  • The first you must circumvent by your wit; the second by your valor; the third by your self-command; and the fourth by your promptitude and sagacity.
  • But sly Puritan maids found a way to circumvent and outwit Puritan law makers, and to prevent their unsanctioned lovers from being punished, too.
  • In these negotiations each man was endeavoring to outwit and circumvent his friend, in hopes of buying his ticket for a moderate sum, and drawing the whole prize with it.
  • Esau landed on the marsh at the head of the lake, to try and circumvent some duck he had descried; in this he failed, but shot a greenshank, of which there were several flying about.
  • Hence Colonel Napier may have been despatched in one direction to circumvent us and Miss Doris in another.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Circumvent | Circumvent Sentence

  • The question was simply how to circumvent him.
  • They had to part in order to circumvent a crowd.
  • But how can you circumvent him, sir?
  • The technology allows people to circumvent the law.
  • But Lind can circumvent that law, you see.
  • At first, I only thought of how we could circumvent yah.
  • We'll have to circumvent them.
  • If they attack a spring, they try to circumvent it by some circuitous route.
  • It is very easy for two or three seeing people to circumvent a blind man.
  • These circumvent the globe, and measure some 40,000,000 (40,008,032) meters.
  • We almost called in the F. B. I. to circumvent their machinations.
  • You can tell Hammond, you know, and he'll find a way to circumvent them.

Definition of Circumvent

(transitive) to avoid or get around something; to bypass | (transitive) to surround or besiege | (transitive) to outwit or outsmart
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