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  • Other cities are divided against themselves.
  • The cities are growing.
  • Even the cities are affected in the same way.
  • Cities are unnatural places for the young.
  • The cities are the high points of development.
  • I do not think that cities are loveliest at dawn.
  • Men who live in cities are but half alive.
  • His engines have wearied him and his cities are evil.
  • Yet the two cities are only about 175 miles apart.
  • Where Her great cities are.
  • The cities are large, but contain mean little houses.
  • I think, too, that people who live in cities are cruel.
  • Unfortified cities are no longer to be bombarded in any country.
  • The things then which are useful to these cities are alone useful to me.
  • American cities are far from being examples of extreme democracy.
  • The most dangerous class of ruffians in our large cities are beer drinkers.
  • At present the vacation facilities of working girls in large cities are small.
  • My friends in several cities are people it is worth a long journey to meet.
  • Towns and cities are sometimes burned, and the aged and helpless destroyed.
  • The two cities are the capitals of two kingdoms, never yet amalgamated.
  • Which American cities are joined by underground lines at present?
  • Cities are also divided in this manner in the provinces of Guzzala and Draha.
  • The rates of Eastern cities are usually higher than in the West.
  • The cities are already providing for teachers' training-schools.

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  • The overwhelming majority of those who live in cities are employees and tenants.
  • In our great cities are there not hundreds and thousands who are in some need of human sympathy?
  • This is why agricultural districts are depopulated, while cities are over crowded.
  • When our cities are so raised, we shall have a different style of municipal government.
  • They have been absorbed by the cities and the railroad monopolies, whose servants the cities are.
  • Improvement must result from associated effort, and of that cities are the last expression.
  • Cities are the only fields subservient to the successful practice of a respectable Diddler.
  • Again: when our cities are purified the churches will be multiplied, purified, and strengthened.
  • The whole Earth is a vast cemetery, and its finest cities are rooted in the catacombs.
  • Cities are numberless, and any one May lightly insult even those who dwell secure.
  • Moreover, the cities are now in a position to help solve the problem in New England.
  • Red tiles, the conspicuous feature of Mediterranean cities, are lacking in Villeneuve-Loubet.
  • And it is for this that tens of thousands of strong men in our large cities are selling their birthright.
  • Many are convinced that cities are essentially wicked and conceive them to be inhabited by vampires and parasites.
  • The people who live in cities are far more dependent on monopolies than the resident of the country.
  • The cities are merely concentration points and they are continually recruiting from the surrounding rural districts.
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