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  • Why do cities and towns have streets and roads?
  • Yet the two cities are only about 175 miles apart.
  • But he saw no cities and he found no mines of gold.
  • Visit them when the summer heat makes the cities a desolation.
  • It is a hard lot that the children of our cities have in life.
  • Once great cities were wiped clean from the face of the earth.
  • Above the horizon a shimmering halo marked the cluster of cities and towns.
  • The names of cities and communities ought also in justice to be suppressed.
  • Entire cities were powered by two crystals, no larger than walnuts.
  • Which American cities are joined by underground lines at present?
  • Only two cities were utterly destroyed: OMEGA - 2 and 5.
  • There are some cities in the Torrid Zone, but none of them are very large.
  • LEYDEN is one of the largest and finest Cities in the Country.

How To Use Cities In A Sentence?

  • The letter includes a schedule of cities and the number of appearances planned for each.
  • They are doing much the same themselves, however, in the cities nearest their western frontier.
  • But an hour or two brought me to the idea of cities, though even they were as cities in a dream.
  • These cities were equally important, in a mercantile view, with the Hanseatic towns.
  • In some cities there are large greenhouses where the Torrid Zone plants are raised.
  • In the United States alone five cities have successfully executed that project.
  • We ran through old Bromstead, where once I had played with cities and armies on the nursery floor.
  • In the Great Central Plain are hundreds of cities where the farm products are sold.
  • No man spoke in rudeness or coarseness to his neighbor, as do men in the cities where they have law.
  • When all was done great cities were laid waste and disease moved across the land and seas to visit all people.
  • England, they said, was taxing them unjustly and posting soldiers in their chief cities to carry out her will.
  • Whilst we want cities as the centres where the best things are found, cities degrade us by magnifying trifles.
  • It was the sort of day when cities are an abomination, and the soul of the veriest urbanite yearns to follow a gipsy pateran.
  • There will probably be laws controlling flights over cities and communities, where an accident to the flier might endanger the lives below.
  • All the police departments in the big cities employ a lot of them, and in about every foreign army there is a motorcycle corps.
  • Then, on the screen, there were cities falling into piles of rubble, after they were hit by missiles.
  • With those that left and built cities, these cities adapted to a simpler way of life and craved not to progress much in their technology.
  • Every one knew that the cities that had favored the liberators, and even those that had tried to preserve their neutrality, would suffer.
  • Some islands are so large as to have many cities built upon them, and there are many farms and dense woods besides upon the same islands.
  • The first trip was made in twenty-four days, and in each of the terminal cities big celebrations were held in honor of the event.
  • The company had settled in one of the larger cities on the shore of the Baltic, where they were doing an excellent business.
  • These cities were amongst America's greatest achievements, next to their endeavours in space.
  • There were scenes of huge cities that stood majestically on the horizon one moment, then falling into mountainous piles of rubble, the next.
  • It chanced during one winter, a few years ago, that our cities were bent on discussing the theory of the Age.
  • Every one knows of Germany's record in the bombing of cities and towns by means of Zeppelins.
  • Most of the people of the world live in one of the Temperate Zones, and most of the great cities are in these zones.
  • Nor did the commercial houses of the Pacific Coast cities appear to mind a little expense in forwarding their business letters.

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plural of city | plural of citie
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