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  • Every citizen they meet will tell them so.
  • So our worthy citizen starts a factory.
  • A citizen of ancient faith and virtue!
  • A citizen cannot at the same time be free and not free.
  • The first duty of the citizen is of the same kind.
  • It was not every citizen who dared enter such a career.
  • And a citizen of Athens.
  • By John Graunt, citizen of London.
  • Dean Sage was the best citizen I have known in America.
  • The other was older and plainly a citizen of some consequence.
  • These domiciliary visitations are not unusual in the old citizen class.
  • He is rather a denizen than a citizen of what men call the world.
  • Now this respectable citizen of Connecticut was a man of parts.
  • Luther was in this respect the most enlightened European citizen of his age.
  • One Union citizen was shot down as he stood in the door of his house.
  • I beg you will think of your poor Austrian musician and citizen of the guild.
  • Adam lost citizen life in the Garden of Eden in the very day of his offense.
  • J. G. Kelley, later a citizen of Denver, was a veteran pony man.
  • This was Mr. James Elder, a citizen of Jackson, but not a native of the State.

How To Use Citizen In A Sentence?

  • The sufferings of the good citizen in such a case would be pure and unmitigated evil.
  • And it is the duty of every right-minded citizen to work unfalteringly for this end.
  • Here we are: the state with its hand in its pocket, the citizen with his fist clenched.
  • Use has made the farmer wise, and the foolish citizen learns to take his counsel.
  • He applied to the commander of the post for a detail of ten men, dressed in citizen clothes.
  • The citizen soldiery of America are accustomed to adopt summary measures with impunity.
  • This story shows us that Erkenwald was a good citizen as well as a good Bishop.
  • There is less active boycott and the ordinary citizen has become less amenable to the leaders of the agitation.
  • In January, 1913, the Australian Flying Corps was instituted, as a part of the citizen forces.
  • The whole town will be paralysed at the news that its most distinguished citizen is only going to give them two days to get ready to receive him.
  • His only chance lay in falling in with some sane, loyal citizen who could be prevailed upon to hide him until the worst was over.
  • This places your character as a citizen upon a summit as high as Washington's.
  • Every citizen had donned his best and brightest suit; the girls and children had clothed themselves in white, and crowned themselves with flowers.
  • Take the case of a citizen of the middle class, who somehow or other finds himself in possession of L20,000.
  • The leaders of the church considered it always a favourable presumption when a citizen consented to call himself no longer a Pagan.
  • There cannot be any form of involuntary servitude imposed upon any American citizen without a violation of this fundamental law.
  • The power of the State he values because it secures to each individual citizen the highest degree of liberty possible in this life.
  • Frequently a citizen became overbold and visited his old haunts instead of remaining safely, even if monotonously, at home.
  • While a loyal citizen and fully alive to the strategic importance which the matter involved, he also believed that he saw a good business opening.
  • The life of the virtuous citizen is the gift of God, and no earthly power has the authority to take it for any such purpose.
  • The full complement of each squadron is eight aviators, fifteen to 20 mechanics, etc., and six citizen soldiers.

Definition of Citizen

(obsolete) A resident of a city or town, particularly: | A legally-recognized member of a state, with associated rights and obligations; a person considered in terms of this role, particularly: | An inhabitant: a member of any place.
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