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  • The citizens are about to hoist up the bridge.
  • Ten of these citizens are married, the remainder single.
  • Five or six Spanish citizens are settled there.
  • For them the ancient City and its citizens are dumb.
  • What!" cry the citizens, "are the people so constituted?
  • All citizens are urged to discountenance the building of fires.
  • Twenty of these citizens are married, six of them to native women.
  • For, let me ask, who among these crowds of citizens are really honored?
  • The Kaiser cannot approach for him; the citizens are outraged.
  • The college world is a small one, and its citizens are young, untried boys.
  • Now, English citizens are philosophers and Roman citizens are nothing.

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  • Henceforward a hundred thousand of our own citizens are to be sacrificed each year.
  • And the public school and the public library are the places where citizens are made.
  • The young citizens are paid for their work, and have to support themselves on their earnings.
  • Its citizens are bound together by the tribal bond of a common brotherhood and fatherhood.
  • Its citizens are, for the most part, permanent residents and the city is theirs.
  • The citizens are kept prisoners in their city, and every householder is confined to his house.
  • All citizens are admissible to all public positions, employments, and functions.
  • Why is it that American citizens are insulted with impunity by Mexican officials?
  • All Swiss citizens are eligible, except that no two members may be chosen from the same canton.
  • These citizens are all encomenderos, and all married to either Spanish or Indian women.
  • They did their best, but private citizens are not changed into successful managers of a navy over night.
  • Private citizens are in the state the incomparably greater number, and form the multitude of such as are recognised as persons.
  • All citizens are bound to co-operate in this guarantee, and to enforce the law when summoned in its name.
  • He saw clearly then what but few of your fellow citizens are even now aware of, that there is nothing more comical than a soldier.
  • Socially minded citizens are forcing improvement of the disgraceful conditions which have often prevailed on chain gangs and in prisons.
  • Three more horrified gentlemen it would have been hard to find in the entire city, whose citizens are easily horrified.
  • And so the good old citizens are induced to say that these things have always been, or else they gently pooh-pooh them.
  • Its citizens are still groping in the midnight darkness of religious superstition, scarcely even united with modern intellectual advancement.
  • The citizens are no longer, as in the middle ages, a class confronting the other classes; they form the nation.
  • These names, fellow-citizens, are the treasures of the commonwealth: and they are treasures which grow brighter by time.
  • Education, marriage, the number of births, the occupations of the citizens are to be controlled by the guardians or heads of the state.
  • Why, others of the citizens are intent on hospitality as well, and any of the four homes of the place may be ours for the present, if we will.
  • Attempts to destroy a nationality by overthrowing its government, proscribing its language, and maltreating its citizens, are never successful.
  • He therefore explained that a Republic whose citizens are not clever and experienced enough to govern themselves was a monster not fit to live.
  • All the citizens are young and healthy, and able to work, so a law has been passed that no laws shall be made to raise money to keep the idle.
  • I should have had the same privilege of receiving and sending mail in Canada as other American citizens are accorded, but not so.
  • Where reputable citizens are lukewarm it is largely because they have not realized that the old tradition that lynching is the proper remedy for rape cannot stand.
  • Municipal jobbery is not unknown in New York; and its influential citizens are said to be steeped to the lips in political corruption.
  • On this occasion the citizens are represented as earnestly importuning the governor to surrender, and representing their deplorable condition from the effects of the siege.
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