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  • Their transition from slavery to citizenship was sudden.
  • By the loss of citizenship by either father or son.
  • Without that, citizenship loses its high position.
  • British citizenship is as omnipotent as Roman was.
  • Indian customs of citizenship and adoption were to be respected.
  • The intelligence of our citizenship is a bulwark to the country.
  • Good citizenship is not good citizenship if exhibited only in the home.
  • It is a duty of citizenship to see that the laws are reasonable and just.
  • Education in citizenship and technical instruction are part of the curricula.
  • The home is the great school of citizenship and social living.
  • The basis of all good citizenship is physical and moral health.
  • A cockney of even ten years' Canadian citizenship loses his h's when excited.

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  • It only remains to say in a word that our citizenship should be the outcome of our religion.
  • In no other country has access to citizenship and the suffrage been made so easy.
  • What if the creature with the untidy beard carries in his bosom his citizenship papers?
  • To obtain the full privileges of citizenship one had to be enrolled in a guild.
  • Nor shall your title of citizenship exclude you from worlds of imagination or of devotion.
  • What is the attitude of good citizenship towards officers who are trying to enforce the laws?
  • A hyphenated citizenship may become as dangerous to a republic as a cancer is in the human body.
  • They get their first lessons in citizenship in this group, and they thus learn social living.
  • It is a duty of citizenship to take direct part in all that we believe is for the good of the state.
  • As it is our duty to exercise this privilege of citizenship rightly, we are also bound not to refrain from exercising it.
  • In a Democracy or in any representative form of government an alert citizenship is its only safety.
  • There is a citizenship in this larger community which requires a wider and more generous interest, rooted in a deeper and more quiet reflection.
  • Therefore, he conceived the best system of government, to be one wherein the opportunities for the exercise of citizenship were the fullest.
  • This terrible exclusion, however, from the rights of citizenship occurs only in certain clearly specified cases.
  • So much for the citizenship of the individual in his relations to his family, to his neighbor, to the State.
  • The only barrier in the eyes of the law was loss of citizenship (section 18), and even this was not always regarded.
  • Not only was citizenship based on church-membership, but the Bible was the only law-book recognized by the court of assistants.
  • It is just such a family, and just such a family life, as I like to think of as typical of our citizenship at its best.
  • That might, which was so great that to ablate it the earth had to bear new races, was based on two things, citizenship and the family.
  • His theory of military education was, the establishment of State institutions, and the reorganization of citizenship upon a strict militia basis.
  • But as her citizenship had never proved of use to Emma Goldman, she can bear the loss with a light heart.
  • At this the first positive assertion of Paine's American citizenship the prison door flew open.
  • Roman citizenship had become universal and at the same time meaningless: it represented no privileges other than the bare fact that its owner was not a slave.
  • It may have been supposed there, that I had voluntarily and intentionally abandoned America, and that my citizenship had ceased by my own choice.
  • The bonds of French citizenship were most grudgingly loosed by the Emperor, for there rankled in his breast a deep-seated feeling of distrust.
  • Out of such a citizenship comes the moral sentiment which in its aggregation is public opinion, which is mightier than standing armies or floating navies.
  • They do not understand why no estimate is placed upon negro virtue and the full rights of citizenship are denied to negroes of education, character and worth.
  • The countries from which they come are not republics, and hence the opportunities for training for intelligent citizenship have been lacking, especially in the lower economic groups.

Definition of Citizenship

The status of being a citizen, in its various senses. | The state of being a citizen, in its various senses.
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