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  • That was the kind of City Council Mayor Dugan had chosen.
  • The city council.
  • The city council held a special meeting during the afternoon.
  • The City Council said they wanted the housing property for park purposes.
  • I've just come from a meeting with the mayor and City Council.
  • We said: "We shall not report our find to the City Council.
  • He didn't wish to be Mayor with Gulmore and all the City Council against him.

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  • The city council has not dared to pass grafting measures with a roomful of women looking on.
  • Assisted by the city council he changed the church service at Zurich after his own fashion.
  • So perished, at the hands of an amazingly stupid city council, the oldest landmark in Colorado.
  • Roger is currently a member of the City Council and a former member of the School Board.
  • Our city council is composed almost entirely of saloon men and those who visit saloons and brewery men.
  • In the first place the city council was simplified and made a one-chambered council consisting of nineteen aldermen.
  • A railroad survey had been completed through the town, and public works had been projected by the newly-elected city council.
  • The police of our town is represented by the city marshal and his deputy, who act under the authority of the mayor and the city council.
  • The mayor, when he appoints them, usually does so subject to the approval, of the city council or of one branch of it.
  • He is checked also by a city council chosen from among the notables, and is required to consult it before taking any executive or judicial step.
  • The main object of the leaders this evening is to secure these so-called 'wild men' in favor of their ticket for the city council.
  • No one was made defendant to the petition except Allen and members of the city council and the city treasurer.
  • I am surprised that the city council permits this and connives at it, and that our dear friend Lang keeps silent.
  • These executive officers, moreover, as already observed, were subject to more or less control or oversight from committees of the city council.
  • Pursuant to orders of the city council the Marshal destroyed the building that Robinson had erected upon the ground.
  • Appeals by the organizers to the Federal government, the Governor and the local city council were alike fruitless.
  • The following year women put up their names as candidates for the City Council in every ward, and were all returned.
  • The relation of the mayor to the city council is somewhat like that of the governor to the state legislature, and of the president to the national congress.
  • The mayor is usually not a member of the city council, but can veto its enactments, which however can be passed over his veto by a two thirds majority.
  • In the house-door they encountered their brother-in-law, who was returning from the city council-room, where his attendance had a short time before been required.
  • Moreover, even when it is easy enough to predict a result, it is not easy to secure practical foresight on the part of a city council elected for the current year.
  • All appropriations of money for city purposes are made by the city council; and as a general rule this council has some control over the heads of executive departments, which it exercises through committees.
  • At that moment a cry of fear and anguish arose along the main street, and the worthy serjeant-at-arms of the city council was seen breathlessly running toward the town-house.
  • Then, lest the mayor should become dangerous, the veto power was at first generally withheld from him, and his appointments of executive officers needed to be confirmed by at least one branch of the city council.
  • Besides these there is a clerk of the common council elected by that body, and also the city clerk, city messenger, and clerk of committees, in whose election both branches of the city council concur.
  • A very large housing plan of the company met with objection on the part of the white citizens who sent in a petition to the City Council against building houses for negroes.
  • And further, let us suppose that this imaginary city of Wytown now has a city government with a mayor of limited powers, a small board of aldermen, and a larger city council.
  • The essence of debate, whether in a classroom, in a city council, or in Congress, should be to throw light into dark corners, and to disentangle the view that most makes for the general good.
  • The Phoenix chief of police, whose agents had videotaped nine state legislators up to no good, had resigned his office in a tussle with the Phoenix city council over the propriety of his undercover operations.
  • Mayor Dugan and the City Council, meeting as a committee of the whole to receive the report of the landscape gardener and his plan for the new public park, nodded their heads sagely.
  • This work is now being done by the City Council, by the Board of Public Works, and by the Park Commission.
  • The City Council, thereafter, raised the license fee for labor agents to $25,000, requiring also that such an agent be recommended by ten local ministers, ten manufacturers and twenty-five business men.
  • Then visiting Leaders mount the pulpit and they read to us the speeches which were made in the City Council that day, for the City Council represents all men and all men must know.

Definition of City Council

A governing body of people elected to oversee management of a city and represent the interests of residents.
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