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  • Return her two thousand; for, as my master says, nothing is cheaper than civil words.
  • During the Civil War he gave himself up to nursing as long as his strength lasted.
  • No foul language was too bad for him; and as for Betty, she could hardly give her a civil word.
  • On the death of sultan Malek Shah a civil war broke out among his sons for the succession.
  • English Civil War (1642-1649), which ended in the establishment of the Commonwealth.
  • Among his extensive prerogatives was his appointing power which embraced all branches of the civil service in the islands.
  • Some whom he called on were civil enough to him; but as soon as he broached his business they froze up.
  • Each count was merely a royal officer who exercised in the district over which he was placed the civil and military authority.
  • The function of judicial administration is only to actualise to necessity the abstract side of personal liberty in civil society.
  • The governmental crisis being settled, energetic steps were taken with regard to the civil war in the west.
  • The organisation which natural necessity gives is seen in the rise of the family and of the 'estates' of civil society.
  • His career was one of the most romantic and adventurous called forth by the great American civil struggle.
  • Tables of barometrical heights to 20,000 feet, specially adapted for the use of officers on service, civil engineers and travellers.
  • Whoever attempts that mighty theme, the civil war, for instance, will sink under the load unless he is saturated with literature.
  • I had a young man insist on taking my bag back there; but I am very suspicious of these civil young men.
  • There is a literature in Germany on that subject, too, and the penal records of the military and civil courts comprise the bulk of it.
  • Old Dunster was civil to me of course, but he did not even inquire how I was getting on with my silk plants.
  • This action was pending in the civil court, when a lawyer was very impertinent to the Chief Baron in the criminal.
  • So of spirit, or energy; the rests or remains of it in the civil and moral man, are worth all the cannibals in the Pacific.
  • Dick and Tom were studying to be civil engineers, while Bert was more strongly drawn toward the field of electricity and wireless telegraphy.
  • In 1896 a new system was introduced, whereby a Civil Service certificate had to be obtained before a person was taken into the office.
  • Here we have the two necessary traits in the character of a great people: the love and the habit of civil liberty and religious conviction and independence.
  • A corrupt civil service and a futile and decrepit commercial system were through their efforts rendered relatively harmless, because circumscribed in their effects.
  • He had a bodily impatience which played tricks upon him almost against his will, and had already rendered him rather too radiant a failure in civil and diplomatic service.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Civil | Civil Sentence

  • It is now only a civil and honorary order.
  • The repose of France was soon broken by civil war.
  • They are extraordinary civil to me, and make me very welcome.
  • He is as civil and courteous as the Climate in which he was born is sharp.
  • The civil and ecclesiastical dignities were united in the person of Mohammed.
  • Since the Civil War they had followed more or less successful careers.
  • Ned's a quiet, civil man, and a gradely Christian too.
  • The first step of the American-Texans was to set a civil government in motion.
  • Farragut and Porter earned it by their work in the Civil War.
  • The Civil or Landraad ought to hold its sittings as stated in the Memoir.
  • Adolphus, was an officer in the Scotch army during Civil War.
  • The Count uses his Authority with Moderation, and is civil and courteous.
  • In 2817 C.E., Pomperaque split in two, and was engaged in a civil war.
  • Every step of civil advancement makes every man's dollar worth more.
  • The fall of Fort Sumter in April, 1861, did not produce the Civil War crisis.
  • Before the Civil War broke out, both became St. Louis and New Orleans pilots.

Definition of Civil

(not comparable) Having to do with people and government office as opposed to the military or religion. | (comparable) Behaving in a reasonable or polite manner. | (law) Relating to private relations among citizens, as opposed to criminal matters.
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