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  • What would our civilization be without the piano?
  • There is room enough for civilization in regions better fitted for it.
  • Not to long for the civilization she had left but for open skies and trails!
  • It can't be so far beyond civilization as all that.
  • In your civilization it's as the blood; in ours it's only as the clothing.
  • It will probably disappear with the advance of civilization and Mr. Cook.
  • They're going to wreck mechanical civilization if they keep it up.
  • This livin' in civilization has been puttin' my intellec' to the bad.
  • Our civilization predates that of Earth's by millions of years.

How To Use Civilization In A Sentence?

  • Its principles are elastic, suiting themselves to the civilization of all ages.
  • We fancy that our civilization has got on far, but we still come back to our primers.
  • It is only in regard to civilization that the population of China deserves our consideration.
  • If the Pentateuch is inspired, the civilization of of our day is a mistake and crime.
  • Rizal tries to show that the Filipinos have retrograded in civilization under Spanish rule; cf.
  • There lies the cardinal difference between a civilization which perished and a civilization that will endure.
  • Millions of human beings have laboured to create this civilization on which we pride ourselves to-day.
  • These were the same installations that were abandoned several centuries ago, after civilization was reestablished on the land.
  • It will take at least five hundred years to bring it up to that pitch of civilization other villages have reached.
  • Not until the present order of civilization shall be destroyed will man be permitted again to hold his fellow-man in servitude.
  • Then have we not in the very centres of civilization the poor and degraded, which are most faithfully attended lay these revolting satellites!
  • It has given mankind much of all that mankind possesses and constitutes the foundation upon which civilization largely rests.
  • Instead of disguising, the garb of civilization only enhances the type, and renders it the more apparent.
  • As long as our civilization is essentially one of property, of exclusiveness, it will be mocked by delusions.
  • The complexity of civilization has inflicted all manner of hurts on the human body, and the malignity of disease has spared no part.
  • The dominion of the Persians exerted no very permanent influence on those other nations whose civilization was anterior to their own.
  • One would think from the talk of men, that riches and poverty were a great matter; and our civilization mainly respects it.
  • In this act as in others Brant showed that his contact with civilization had not freed him from the basic instincts of his savage nature.
  • They located a mile or more apart, and began a warfare, such as civilization wages, against the old forest trees.
  • This might be well, were it true that civilization is 'progressing backwards,' the science of government retrograding.
  • Our whole policy is a policy of peace, and peace is the protection of the Christian civilization to which we are pledged.
  • The world moves on, civilization advances, science and the arts stride forward, but the law stands still.
  • But such are not the motives with which we take up the ponderous tomes of the historian of Civilization in England.
  • In that last half-hour before the end, when every one on the ship was under sentence of death, modern civilization went through a severe test.
  • In all that is done or begun by the Americans towards right thinking or practice, we are met by a civilization already settled and overpowering.
  • The public library of to-day is an active, potential force, serving the present, and silently helping to develop the civilization of the future.
  • The civilization that travels West now is a different thing from that which went West a hundred years ago.
  • The civilization of which it was a part may be a declining civilization; but the conditions of life were those to which the wife and mother were accustomed.
  • It deals with the only race except the Jew, which has penetrated into every village which European civilization has ever touched.
  • No true American need beg pardon of Europe for this war, which is the only apology we can make to civilization for slavery.
  • Nor if our rule and our civilization are to prevail must we be unmindful of our own responsibility or forget that our presence and the influences we brought with us first stirred the waters.

Definition of Civilization

An organized culture encompassing many communities, often on the scale of a nation or a people; a stage or system of social, political, or technical development. | (uncountable) Human society, particularly civil society. | The act or process of civilizing or becoming civilized.
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